can you have memorys during a dream ?

can you have memorys during a dream ? Topic: can you have memorys during a dream ?
June 27, 2019 / By Aline
Question: like you are having a dream and all of a sudden you see something or here something in your dream and you remeber who said or had done something in your actual life but you dont say or see it in your dream
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Ulick Ulick | 3 days ago
Yes, your very correct and clearly quite perceptive. Dreams are basically your brain working through the chemical pathways and the various short term memories. (Short term memory length differs in individuals based on various characteristics which cannot be quantified into a single range) Some short term pathways evoke long term memories in your conscious or your sub-conscious. The brain tends to replay through these scenarios during REM, not necessarily in any linear order, sometimes in a very crazy order in fact. If you understand the process of Hard drive defragmentation, this is basically what is occuring in your brain while dreaming during REM sleep. People who go for too long without sleep usually go insane (or die first). People awakened from REM sleep almost always report they are dreaming. People awakened from non-REM sleep rarely say they were dreaming. REM sleep occurs for of five times a night for adults; infants spend nearly 8 hours a day in REM sleep. Several other things about REM sleep: First, REM occurs in other mammals as well as in humans. Second, it seems not to occur in animals other than mammals. Third, whatever's going on in REM sleep apparently is necessary. When people are kept out of REM sleep (by being awakened whenever REM starts), they show a stronger tendency to enter it. Why is REM sleep necessary? And if REM sleep is dreaming, what in the world are infants dreaming so much about? After piecing together evidence about behavioral and brain properties of several different animals, Winson (1985) made the following argument. A basic problem in biological adaptation is how to integrate new experiences with old ones. Winson thinks the revolutionary solution to this problem among mammals was REM sleep. That is, he thinks the integration takes place during REM sleep. If this were so, a single set of neuronal structures could serve two purposes: guiding action when you're awake, consolidating and integrating knowledge when you're asleep. Thus, we can get most out of our nervous system, since it's being used round the clock rather than just when we're awake. Why then do infants dream so much? It maybe that the same processes that produce consolidation also produce the final stage of cortical development (infants don't have fully developed cortexes). Or perhaps it's because the almost complete absence of a personal history means that infants have to do more integration and consolidation than adults. Winson argues that the processes of REM sleep are the unconscious that Freud looked for in people's dreams. The paths of symbolic association that fascinated Freud reflect the fact that consolidation is a process of following mental associations, even associations that are odd and tangential. In this view, then, the brain is simply doing its homework in the dreaming state, sorting the experiences of the day (and the week) into all the categories to which they are potentially relevant. I hope this was interesting. Check out the link if you want to know more
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Ulick Originally Answered: Whats my reoccuring dream mean? Dream- I have a final exam for a class that I didn't attend or study for.?
Could be just anxiety on that topic. Are you in school? Or it could be anxiety about something else, like work or home. I had a recurring dream years ago about being stuck in a dead-end job and going to school nights and having no free time and no money. I dreamed I went to a dozen different job interviews. Half way through one, I realized it wasn't the job for me. I didn't have the training or know-how for it. But they were very impressed with my interview manners and made me an offer on the spot. I was so embarrassed, I accepted, expecting to call them later and tell them I had an offer I liked better. I was really tempted because I was sick of my job and so broke that I desperately needed th emoney. I wondered if I could fake it for a few weeks, until I got my first paycheck, then leave. Two weeks later (in the dream, that is) I dreamed that th ephone rang and woke me up (but I was still really dreaming.) I answered it and someone said 'Where are you? We expected you to show up for work yesterday!" And I woke up (for real) in a panic because I couldn't remember which company, where it was, what the job was about, etc. As you can see, a lot of differnt things figured into that one, and it is probably the case with you as well. If we can't identify a single outstanding cause, there are probably multiple lesser causes. I described this dream in a lot more detail in a previous answer, long ago, if you search back through my answers on this topic, you may be able to find it. I hope this helps you Now I would like to mention something you did not specify, but I think you may have had this in mind. I don't think tat we can get any use out of precognitive dreams. That is not to say they don't happen, but we cannot recognize them until after the fact. The very few dreams I have had that seemed to be precognitive were only confusing to me and it was notuntil the events they seemed to pertain to actually occurred that I remembered them and then I had a strange feeling of deja vu. So I do not think we are capable of recognizing the future until it happens. So I wouldn't worry about it. It's not like you're missing out on a warning that would be helpful to you. (You already knew that you should not skip classes and that you should study dilligently.) Sweet dreams from now on! 26 OCT 07, 1601 hrs, GMT.

Rimon Rimon
I think this might fall into a dream theory in which : during sleep, neurons fire randomly and information from the day is being stored."files" are being moved around, so to speak. Images, ideas and memories are coming and going in no particular order, for no particular reason. This may explain the random unrealistic occurances in dreams. There are many theories, that is just one.
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Meryle Meryle
Dreams are problematic. Some say to not learn into them. Some say they're messages from god. Others consider they're recollections from a beyond existence, a beyond movement that used to be gigantic to you, or visions of the long run. My know-how of goals is that this.... I consider goals can also be warnings or messages however I do not believe it is healthful to learn into each unmarried certainly one of your goals. Your every day pursuits will without doubt influence them. I additionally consider that they may be able to be twisted recollections from the beyond - I've had the sort of goals earlier than, it used to be approximately a worrying occasion that occurred to me in my early teenagers, so the situation within the dream used to be the equal, however twisted. Sometimes I've had goals and they have come precise, that is in which you ought to watch out as certainly it differs from the dream. e.g In truth, all of the men and women in my dream - I met and the position within the dream - we visited so it truthfully occurred however those men and women weren't well like they had been in my dream, they unhealthy men and women so watch out. Lastly, exact pursuits you do earlier than mattress can manage your goals. I watched a film earlier than mattress as soon as that quite performed on my brain and I dreamt approximately that film and the ones person all night time! Happy dreaming!
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Joses Joses
Your dreams are comprised of a jumble of little snippets of Imagination and memories. Mostly memory fragments though. So your answer is actually yes.
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Hank Hank
I think you can because I once had this one song I love playing all throughout my dream that I didn't know the lyrics to and when I woke up I knew the whole song. It was weird.
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Hank Originally Answered: Ant dream what does this mean?!?
i found this on the internet and coppied it for you Ants are very organized and industrious. What does it mean when you are dreaming about ants? First, were the ants very orderly, going about their business? This would be a sign that things are going in a certain order in your own life, working their way along towards a purpose. Make sure you stay on track to reach the goals you have set. Are the ants instead running around, chaotic, disturbed by something? This would indicate that your own goals and plans are being disrupted by something, that you need to get back on track. You need to get that organization and control back into a smooth pattern. Is an anthill involved in your dream? The anthill is the center of activity and control for the ants, and would again represent your own organization of your goals. If the anthill is being demolished, look to your own plans, and make sure they are solid and secure.

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