Can you help me choose a name for my art business?

Can you help me choose a name for my art business? Topic: Can you help me choose a name for my art business?
July 16, 2019 / By Wendi
Question: I am considering starting a business to sell my art, mostly through a couple of websites as prints on mugs, t-shirts, etc. I also may do jewelry with painted wood pendants. The main subjects I draw are animals and plants, but I may do mythical creatures, fairies and goddess images in the future. I've come up with a couple of names I like, but are not too unique. Do you like any of these? Nature's Magic Nature's Gifts / Gifts from Nature Animal Charms Enchanting Animals Inspired by Nature Peaceful Earth Animal Friends I was planning to end the name with either "Art", "Arts & Crafts", "Designs" or "Creations". Do you have any other suggestions? I greatly appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thanks!
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Shaquila Shaquila | 1 day ago
I like Peaceful Earth, it sums up a picture of wholesome and natural, or Inspired by Nature, but what about "Nature's Inspiration" ?
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Orlagh Orlagh
I was also going to say "Blue Moon" Designs or Creations. Then I saw it already suggested. I like it. You can also add a line that explains your work, Such as: Blue Moon Designs "Art Inspired by Nature"
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Malach Malach
Blue Moon Designs Sounds Romantic. You can use a crescent moon as your logo. There is a significance to this symbol. In so far as it pertains to the moon, stands for the world of changing forms or for the phenomena, for the passive, feminine principal, and for things aquatic. Secondly in medieval emblems of the Western world, and especially when associated with a star it is a symbolic image of Paradise
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Kiley Kiley
i like inspired by nature. but i like your could try blue moon creations/sesigns, etc. i like that name lol.
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Jancis Jancis
i was contemplating using this name but maybe you will like it as i give it to you =(dreams and nature) thas the name.
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