CLICK HERE! Does she like me? Is she just playing me? is she lying>>?

CLICK HERE! Does she like me? Is she just playing me? is she lying>>? Topic: CLICK HERE! Does she like me? Is she just playing me? is she lying>>?
June 26, 2019 / By Yieshah
Question: me an girl kept smiling for no reason, she kept staring at me, when she passed by me she always put her hand on mine.... Ok so i started liking her and created 5 aim accounts to tell her that but blamed it on her friend. She found out it was me and she got pissed. We did not talk for a year. Then she started talking to me last week. Yesterday she sat next to me and kept staring at me. Today she sat behind me and kept kicking my chair lightly! When i put my head down and then i raise it suddenly she stares at me and then after like 5 seconds looks away! before i sent her a myspace message asking for hw she didnt reply. Next day she passed me a note explaining why! On her myspace surveys she always says that she doesnt like anyone! Is she lying??
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Best Answers: CLICK HERE! Does she like me? Is she just playing me? is she lying>>?

Sheelagh Sheelagh | 7 days ago
thats a cute story =] well lets see...kicking your chair might not have been intentional. i think her looking at you might be her way of trying to figure out what to do, like hmm..should a talk to him? is it time to forgive him? that kind of thing. theres a good chance she may like you. i would just be as nice as possible to her, act cool and dont get nervous. find ways to talk to her, like ask her about homework. comment her pictures on how pretty she is, or tell her how much you dig her song. that always makes me feel good when guys do that to me =] good luck!
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Patty Patty
i always hear probs about what people put on myspace. it's the freakin internet man wtv w/ what's on myspace/facebook etc. as for the rest,... she does like you i'd say, if she's looking at you like that and stuff and was messin with ur chair. just do something like ask her to hang out. do you even know the girl? maybe u should get to know her and you'll figure out the answers to those questions.
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Mariah Mariah
yeah. i think she likes you. on her myspace she just says that to say it. but then the staring at you part. i really aint seen no girl stare at a boy like that so i think she just tryin to see if you still like her. try askin her. dont make no sence fo ya'll to beat around the bush. just flirt with her and see where that goes.
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Klaudia Klaudia
i think she likes you. Flirt with her a little. See if she'll flirt back. Make sure she likes you before you really start to text her and talk to her alot because sometimes that can be a major turn off.
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Jasmine Jasmine
Who cares. If she ignored you for a whole year do you really want to get involved with that? Find a better girl.
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Eustacia Eustacia
It sounds like she likes you, but she might be real shy about it...just be honest with her about how you feel (speak face to face, alone with her). If she laughs in your face, then she's playing you.
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my homework...........ther is a mountain of home-work right next 2 me..........n i havent done any of them!^^"

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