cold war essay question of the year 196-1993?

cold war essay question of the year 196-1993? Topic: cold war essay question of the year 196-1993?
July 16, 2019 / By Tamia
Question: answer in complete thoughts and sentences. the most said will gain the 10 points :D 1# What is the strategy of Containment, and how has it helped define the cold war from 1946-1993? Describe and evaluate the actions of the United states with regards to the Soviet Union, both doctrines, events, laws, etc. you feel would better illustrate your ideas Thank you in advance. :) :) :)
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Rhetta Rhetta | 9 days ago
Containment was a United States policy uniting military, economic, and diplomatic strategies to limit the spread of Communism, enhance America’s security and influence abroad, and prevent a "domino effect". A component of the Cold War, the policy was a response to a series of moves by the Soviet Union to expand Communist influence in Eastern Europe, China, and Korea. So, immediately after the end of WWII, the US airlifted food and supplies into Berlin becuase the sovisets coled the land rouotes. This kept the Soviets for taking over all of Berlin. ThenThe US placed forces in border countories which meant the US and USSR would go to war if the Soviets invaded. Next came givng money to regimes which we liked better than the communists. So President Regans and Olie North were in trouble is Lation Amerioca becuse they illegally gave support to anti-communist factions; We wnet to war in Korea and Vietname to kepp communism out of those countires. In Korea we kept the South from be taken over. In Vietname the North beat us and now all of Vietname is contolled by the communist govenment. President Kenedy sent US navy shi to block the USSR from putting nuclears weapson on the Islan of Cuba just 50 miles form the US. Even today we laws prohibiting trade with Cuba. The goal being making it hard for them to keep the govenment going. Presdient Obama has issue a dirctive that allows more travel and cell phone and TV braocasts to Cuba. The idea being that the cuban people will see what the rest of the world has and will forment change inside there country.
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Rhetta Originally Answered: Essay about the cold war?
I'm old enough that I remember the Berlin Wall being built and then watching it on TV as it was torn down. Back in the early 1960s, we had "Duck and Cover" drills in school in case there was a nuclear attack. I watched the NORAD complex being built inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado and then my family moved to an area of the country where we were ringed with missile silos, all of them "armed" and manned in case of attack. I remember "candy drives" in grade school where we collected money to buy candy for the US Air Force crews who were flying the Berlin Airlift. They dropped boxes of candy for the kids of Berlin. The innocent childhood of the 1950s grew up to be the cynical adolescence of the 1960s. While we didn't live in a constant state of paranoia, the fear was always there in the back of one's mind. There are three images that always come to mind when I think of the Cold War. 1. Nikita Khrushchev pounding on his desk at the United with his shoe to disrupt proceedings. 2. Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down this Wall" speech in Berlin in 1987 (transcript of speech linked below) 3. And the people of Berlin - both sides - tearing down the wall with hammers, rocks and their bare hands. Good luck with your essay.
Rhetta Originally Answered: Essay about the cold war?
I will tell you what it felt like. It was living in constant fear. We were all afraid that any moment Russia (the USSR) would set off the bomb, and it would be the end of the world. If we lived we would be sick. Our children would be deformed. Now I am so cynical I believe nothing I read or hear. I believe the great American Industrial complex does favor war to foster the economy and that everything since before WWII has been about oil, control of oil and profit--and yes Russia has lots of oil---The wall of Berlin and JFK saying that he was a Berliner was impressive. His death was a tragedy that shook us to9 our cores. We prayed as kids for the fall of the Bamboo Curtain and the Wall of Berlin. With JFK we believed we were living in Camelot. The Beetles were an inspiration and made you feel like you had taken a breath of fresh air. You truly had the since you were a part of a time like no other, and that the children of the 60's were like no others. We listened. We learned. We all thought we would die at any time. No one but us can understand what we felt. Some of us still feel like we did then, most gave into society. Now the fear is back, and it angers me. War is no longer noble, and my illusions are shattered. At least before, at least then, everyone pretended they cared. Our president was a part of who we were. He listened, and he cared. This is why he was assinated, and that is how is was and how it felt.

Milicent Milicent
Berlin Wall erected 1971 - got here down 1989 - 28 years, close area race - beginning up with 1957 Russia Launching Sputnik, ending with US area commute Challenger exploding upon takeoff in 1986 - 31 years 1949 - Russia exams its first atomic bomb - 1979, Strategic hands project treaty (SALT) II signed - 30 years wish this facilitates :)
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Liberty Liberty
Unfortunately I have to type a special project,so I can only recommend you a book to get information from, it is a really g r e a t source of information for elder High School students or freshmen at colleges. It is written by Yale University Professor of History John Lewis G A D D I S, The title is: "The Cold War.A New History" (2005, my version is a Penguin Book ISBN 978-0-14-303827-6(pbk.) Ask your school librarian. Sorry not to be able to do more for you. HySt2812
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Liberty Originally Answered: Cold War Help, essay topic?
The Vietnam War was longer than 20 years. As an American, our involvement was only for about 20 years but the French were busy fighting Ho Chi Minh and the communists as early as WW2. I would not discount the possibility that you get a question about Vietnam. 30 years is about the right time-frame for that war if you're willing to realize that the Vietnamese don't see much difference between what we westerners call the First Indochina War and the Vietnam War. Another possibility is Sino-Russian relations (in other words, the alliance between Communist China and Russia). That broke in 1972 with Nixon's famous visit to China "to play ping-pong". That's not quite 30 years but it rounds to 30 years. And yes, definitely the Berlin Wall. Not quite 30 years but very close and a great essay subject.

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