Controversial Issues dealing with animals?

Controversial Issues dealing with animals? Topic: Controversial Issues dealing with animals?
July 16, 2019 / By Murray
Question: I have to write a college research paper on a controversial issue and since my major is biology I kinda want to stick near that field. I want to write a paper dealing with animals...any ideas?
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Kennedy Kennedy | 6 days ago
1. Holding wild animals in captivity, such as zoos, circus's', animal parks, etc. 2. Exotic pet ownership 3. Dog & Cock fighting. 4. Abusive / neglectful pet owners (watch "Animal Cops..." on Animal Planet * you'll get a lot of inspiration.) Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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Hizkijah Hizkijah
I think doing a research paper on Animal testing would be very controversial. Some people are very against it (animal rights activists) and they have good reason to be. Other people (scientists) think this is the only way to cure diseases, test products, etc (which it isnt, they are just too cheap to use modern technology). You would definitely be able to find information about this. You could also include the animal rights activist groups that try to free these animals (ALF-Animal Liberation Front, PETA), or cause destruction to the facilities. They have great information about the facilities and how horrible the animals are treated, and info on the types of unnecessary experiments are used. Most arent even required by the government, and most of the research they conduct is useless (i.e. if a rabbit goes blind from a product, they can still market it to humans). Another would be factory farms. How horribly the animals are treated, and how some people believe it is fine to confine, starve, mutilate these animals because they are food for us and have no feelings. But I think the animal testing issue would be a better paper. And it would really open peoples eyes who read it. You would probably be so disgusted with the whole thing that you would stop buying certain brands. Good luck!
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Elvin Elvin
I would write about how makeup can be used for good and bad. It can be a great way to help people to cover scaring, burns, bruises etc. that others may self confidence about. But the bad is the damage that it can do over time and also the younger generation feeling the need to wear makeup and grow up so fast.
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Clayton Clayton
The annual Canadian baby fur seal hunt and the illegal Japanese whale hunt (they exploit a "research" loophole in the law banning whale hunts) both make my blood boil. Both responses above mine are also very good.
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