Creative resume ideas?

Creative resume ideas? Topic: Creative resume ideas?
June 19, 2019 / By Acer
Question: I'll be applying for full time, possibly part time jobs as a floral designer in a decent size city and i was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with creative resume ideas. I want my resume to be memorable to my future employers, mostly Im concerned with the presentation of it. Since it is a creative job i would really like to put my artistic and design skills on display and show that i can think outside the box. The one idea that I am most likely to go with is to fashion a large orchid out of paper (2D) most likely a standard dendrobium bloom (something recognizable) and on each of the five petals put the different sections of my resume on it (objective, education, experience, interests and references). Not hand written but typed still. I believe that my abilities allow for this to be executed well so that it isn't cheap looking. So what I'm looking for is feedback on what you think about my idea, and if you would be able to share your own ideas as well! Thank you I will be giving my resume out to employers in a manilla envelope, my cover letter will be included
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Sophie Sophie | 4 days ago
Well, you are definitely on the right track! Something creative is in order and given your profession there is likely hundreds of ways you could do it. Check out the site below and read the blog too. Creating a memorable resume is critical as there are many people all competing for the same job. Stats show that on average for every 200 resumes received by an employer with a position available, only 1 is granted an interview. Eeeks! I would like to suggest that you get rid of the manilla envelope all together as it will only hide your work and make your resume look like the others, defeating the great creative work you are putting into your resume. Think more 3D or 'Outside of the Envelope'. Best of luck! Annette :)
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Sophie Originally Answered: Need some creative ideas, please?
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Posey Posey
It's crucial to have a great resume, it is worth taking the time to compose something that looks really awesome and does the job properly. The site in the box below has lots of data on resumes and guidance with extra professions.
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Maura Maura
Hi Sensa, if you could draw !!! What about drawing a nice bouq. of flowers in different colours ?. Do it as a painting !!! Leave your name and number as your signature.... kind regards, LASSE
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