creative writing short story ideas?

creative writing short story ideas? Topic: creative writing short story ideas?
July 16, 2019 / By Melvyn
Question: Hey. I need to write a story of 1450 words for tomorrow. What could be some really good ideas to write a story? It could be love or action... I would prefer love, though. Can you guys give me some good ideas? Thanks.
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Jona Jona | 9 days ago
Could you do a story in form of a diary? It would be easy to keep track of your word count, and you do not need a full plot. Someone recording their life in a diary can be quite interesting. If you want a plot twist, you write as if it is the girl writing, but then you tell the reader that it is actually the guy in the relationship who has the diary. If you make the names like Sam or Sidney, then you will not be able to tell who is writing. Good Luck!
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Jona Originally Answered: I feel like writing a short story? Can you give me some creative ideas? Thanks :)?
Venus, Mars, Cupid, Psyche, Apollo, Hades, Persephone. Sorry, I'm just slightly obsessed with the Greek gods. Otherwise: beautiful gardens, the colour pink, love/hate relationships, Heaven and Hell, sarcastic heroines, bickering, dancing, epic romances.
Jona Originally Answered: I feel like writing a short story? Can you give me some creative ideas? Thanks :)?
Start your story by saying "I'm leaving" Be dramatic In a setting you've never been to before between 2 people with only 10 dialoge articles.

Haggi Haggi
1.A love story at 40. With an old flame or younger. I let you decide how the settings should be. 2. Love is everything... tell a story that shows that...
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Eason Eason
perhaps a letter an ex boyfriend/lady buddy basically until eventually now the character receiving the letter have been given married, telling them they have been nevertheless in love with them and begging them to not marry, or something like that. A letter from a distinctive buddy/kinfolk member who died basically days after the letter became initially despatched. it would desire to be asserting they knew they have been approximately to be killed. they might show who they concept could kill them or some huge factor like that. it would desire to be an nameless letter telling the recipient to not do something that they did do because of the fact the letter became previous due. it would desire to actual have a catalogue of outcomes in the event that they did do it. wish I helped and good success with the story! xx
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Eason Originally Answered: Creative Writing/short story Help!?
You could do that, but why don't you use a completely new idea? When you're writing, you can find any story. They're all out there, but they need to be found and written down. What if you used a real life situation? Maybe something as simple as a person who has locked them self out of their car? Just give it a creative result or series of events. Or maybe a fable? The possibilities are endless just turn on some good music and write. Don't worry about grammar or anything, save that until you have a good story going! FREE WRITE!!!! Good Luck! Happy Writing! -Nov

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