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Criminology Question? Topic: Criminology Question?
June 27, 2019 / By Alice
Question: I am a cj major and in a criminology course. We are to write a prison policy recommendation about doubling the prison sentence for armed robbers. I have gathered research for my paper with statistics and what not, but I am not sure exactly how to proceed in starting the paper and incorporating my research. Are there any suggestions from a criminologist or other law major that can help me out?
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Tyson Tyson | 1 day ago
current policy why it should be changed with stats and whatever other research you have found to help support this recommendation. Doubling their sentences would give the prisoners time to complete training for job skills. A test of this done at the state penitentiary has proven that when prisoners spend 4 yr instead of 2 they are able to complete welders training and therefore get better job prospects upon release. (these are in no way facts, just random thoughts, just an example) I would write the recommendation and then back it up with bullet points. Then a summary.
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Hm. It sounds like the school was, put simply, full! Since you're so excited about attending UCF, I would first check to see if they have what's called a "rolling enrollment" plan. This means that if you apply after a certain date, they'll accept you in the winter instead of in the fall, and you can start in the second semester, or second term. That would be the quickest way to get in. Some schools don't offer this option, however, so you might just have to wait until next year. The second thing I would do is call an academic counselor at UCF and see what would better your chances of getting in. Perhaps you were missing a prerequisite for getting in, such as 3 years of math, or two years of a foreign language. If that's the case, that's an easy fix while you're at another university! It's also possible that there are courses you could take that would make you more marketable (especially since you're going into forensic science). Good luck! You can do it! :)
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Riley Riley
Neither. they are 2 thoroughly diverse issues. Criminology is the study of crime, forensic technology is technology utilized in criminal investigations to acquire information. that is like arguing no matter if physics is area of chemistry, or any incorrect way round. Neither are real- they are diverse fields.
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Mervyn Mervyn
Start with multiple offenders and revolving door syndrome. Look at your local crime watch section for a recent incident.
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Each person own immune system reacts differently to their acquired HPV types..some people build a natural immunity faster than others...some women need treatments to help the body fight the virus. I would think when your doctors tells you that the cell changes are worse that you have gone from mild to moderate or moderate to severe cell changes. This is good information on Cervical Cell Changes. Even with no signs your partners shares your HPV types. There is no FDA approved HPV/DNA test for the male. The vaccine has not been approved for the male and at this time we don’t know if it would be helpful for the male. Clinical trails are in progress. You and your partner do not ping pong the virus back and forth but at this time you have not built the natural immunity that you need to fight the virus. I would try doing some little things to see if they can reduce your risks and help stop the progression of your infection. Condoms do help in the regression of the virus. Condoms can help after treatments. Condoms are not forever try until you have at least two clear Pap smears and HPV test. Eat your greens, get plenty of good quality sleep exercise reduce stress and a good multi-vitamin can't hurt. Studies have shown that doing these things can help. Once you build immunity to your virus your HPV will become negative. Our HPV test is based on viral load and when the viral load is low then the test shows a negative. If your virus is persistent and progresses to a cancer then you may need a hysterectomy some time down the road. For now look to changes that may help you avoid a persistent infection. I wish you well.

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