Decay of moral standards and behavior because of technological innovations?

Decay of moral standards and behavior because of technological innovations? Topic: Decay of moral standards and behavior because of technological innovations?
June 19, 2019 / By Verina
Question: Has the creation of numerous significant technical products caused and/or coincided with the decay of moral standards and behavior? Im trying to get started on an essay about this, but im not sure which way to go? i think moral standards have decayed because of texting, youtube, or debit cards specifically with young people but some technical innovations have helped for example in one's health or education. Please help im stuck in the middle. I need more ideas!
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September September | 6 days ago
In a round about way yes. From my 60 years experience, It appears that as technology advances, the general public gets exponentially more ignorant. Ignorance leads to low self esteem. Funny how my generation created a tool (the pc) to make learning easier. What do kids use it for? To ask someone to do their homework. Parents now days buy their children cellphones, Ipads, and game consoles to get them out of their hair rather than make sure they do school work and then wonder why our jobs are outsourced and our kids can't make change at a fast food window. We were number one in the World for most educated children. It's dropped to more than 7th on the list of most educated countries. Sad to say there are 3rd world countries with smarter children. The people look to our gevernment to fix these problems. The people are too stupid to understand they ARE the government. You're looking at the fall of the great American Empire unless parents wise up. Companies want SMART kids. Not idiots.
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Your confusion is shared by many, because when one begins to discuss "moral relativism," it begins to coast into the subjective rather than an objective perspective. Drillprp was correct on this. I would just add that there some obvious examples of what most people would view as easy to understand. In one instance, it is against the Ten Commandments to kill, however, if, in the face of preventing a child from fatal harm or injury, you killed a perpetrator, this would be a morally correct route to take. Obviously, the more one finds grey areas, the more difficult the discussion is to determine the morality of a thing. Now let's say the child was Hitler. If there was some way of knowing that he would grow up to be one of the most evil murderers in history, would it still be morally right to kill his perpetrator? In the final analysis, it all comes down to the integrity and intent of the individual making the choice. To what extent does someone delve into this kind of introspection?
September Originally Answered: Moral relativism: Simple definiton?
Some times the best definitions are examples; The overstressed and isolated morality of modern religion, which fails to hold the devotion and loyalty of many, would rehabilitate itself if, in addition to its moral mandates, it would give equal consideration to the truths of science, philosophy, and spiritual experience, and to the beauties of the physical creation, the charm of intellectual art, and the grandeur of genuine character achievement. If moral religion really moral if it does not give consideration to ?????

Olivette Olivette
Yes, absolutely! Gadgets have taken over the minds of the youth. I agree with the first answer here. Kids are dumber and lazier now because they don't have to think for themselves anymore. Everything is just a click or an app away. When I was a kid (30+ yrs ago) I had to do real research and go to a place called the library. I knew how to do complex math problems without the use of a computer. Computers weren't even around until I was a senior in high school and there was no operating system yet. I am an engineer now and the software I use has become so idiot-proof that anyone can run it. This means turn off the brain and just type and click. No thinking required. It's really sad. Also, the internet has become a cesspool for every kind of freak out there. In the early years, chat rooms were cool. Lots of normal people just socilaizing. There were just a handful of porn sites. No big deal. No it's a cesspool. Webcam sex for money is somehow considered acceptable behavior and people are getting filthy rich. I could probably go on forever and write this paper for ya but I'll leave it there.
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Madoline Madoline
First you have to show that there has indeed been a decay of moral standards and behavior. Then you have to show causality. I would argue the opposite. Honestly, would you rather live now or a hundred years ago? You know, when women were treated like little more than chattel. When blacks could legally be lynched at a whim. When minorities and the poor had no rights whatsoever. And God help you if you were gay or--gasp!--an atheist. And I could go on and on.
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Madoline Originally Answered: Who determines what is true, moral, and sane in our society today?
To sum up what can be written in a 50 page essay I believe the guidelines of morality has been made by the bible. Yes things moral and immoral can change but the guideline from the bible will always be there.

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