Describing Words For the Four Seasons?

Describing Words For the Four Seasons? Topic: Describing Words For the Four Seasons?
June 19, 2019 / By Vega
Question: Im writing a poem about the 4 seasons for my creative writing class and i need ideas:)) Here it is so far: Seasons Summer, Humidity, Shade hunting days, The summer breeze Fireflies Eternal summer Autumn, Winter, The cold winter chill, The drifting snow, Snowflake confetti, The bare branches, A winter wonderland Spring, As you see i need autumn and spring, so if you can see where im going with my little poem, plz help. Plz no one word answers, unless it is a great describing word. None of this: summer-hot winter-cold No, no, no, no, no, none of that please. maybe 2 beautiful words, that go along. I dont know how to say this but give me things that you would put if you were writing this poem:)) Thanks sooo much i love you all, bye bye!!
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Selina Selina | 3 days ago
Autumn Oh! the color leaves refraction vivid pumpkins fat to glow Summers days grow weary snow angels wait for snow Spring Ice man grip a falling drink again sweet water creek new blades piecing from their slumber babies make their first blink how i love the song birds
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Selina Originally Answered: GLOBAL WARMING AND SEASONS! help please? thanks!?
We're in a natural warming cycle right now, but it might be ending soon. Also, there's been an average increase of 1 degree over the past 100 years, so the seasons haven't changed that much really. Sometimes there are variations that make seasons last longer, but it all averages out the same. I find that nature adapts very well. Sometimes were I live, the trees start to bloom and then we get another freeze, but it doesn't really have any lasting affect on animal life or vegetation. We have no affect on the climate and can't control it, so we all just learn to adapt.
Selina Originally Answered: GLOBAL WARMING AND SEASONS! help please? thanks!?
Here in Michigan, just a short geological time ago, 150k years ago. There were 2 - 5 miles of ice carving out the great lakes. This ice is all gone, even in summer. If you want to know about global warming, here's the skinny on it. At one point in time the earth was too hot for life. At one point in time the earth was too cold for life. We are now a point where liquid water is on the earth, some where between 32* & 212*. Now on a planet that is 9(?) billion years old what is the norm ?

Ohndreea Ohndreea
Nipping for iciness (i.e. the winters nipping kick back runs via me" or for summer season Baron, " the baron warmth wears me down".. or another recommendations.. Glistening - iciness, Desolate - summer season.. very few theory and openminded questioning.. good success
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Madison Madison
spring: new life arises the world awakes a new beginning to me autumn is depressing, but i like it(physical reasons, like its temperture) so i would go with sadness. sorry i cant expand
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Madison Originally Answered: Is the earth having more extreme seasons due to global warming?
some statements in your addition info leads me to think you should do a little research with an open mind. don't let other people do your thinking for you, make sure you understand what you are told, and make sure what you are told, or read is legit. I don't know where you live, but here we have had the mildest winter in about 12 years, and just came out of the coolest summer in 20. Seems seasonal extremes fit with a less active Sun. Just compare the last two solar cycles to the two previous ones and then look at global temperatures. There is a correlation, pooh-poohed by the AGW crowd, but solar activity is apparently our main climate driver. Too bad all the publications and reviews of papers were suppressed by those pushing the IPCC agenda... Anyway, if solar activity is the main driver, we should see a cooler decade. Just watch the temperatures over the next few years. See how AGW gang tries to blame the cooler temps on humans...

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