Diabetes Research Questions?

Diabetes Research Questions? Topic: Diabetes Research Questions?
June 24, 2019 / By Annemarie
Question: I am doing a research paper on diabetes so I could help an organization dealing with diabetics to better serve those suffering from diabetes. However I will be needing to survey diabetics so that the information that they provide me would serve as valuable statistics. What questions should I ask? This is not a research paper on what causes diabetes. It is a research paper to help better serve those with diabetes by providing an organization dealing with diabetics information that could help them make their services better.
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Wynn Wynn | 8 days ago
Most organizations dealing with diabetes already have the statistics they need and do surveys on their clients to find out how to help better. You don't even have a clear idea on what to ask so it's doubtful that you'd be able to gather any useful data for JDRF or other organizations that help people with diabetes. When you say make their services "better" that is very vague. Exactly what do you think needs to change?
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Wynn Originally Answered: What questions would you ask to prove/disprove this research?
First question would be how big was the size of both groups. Second, how was the improvement quantified, and is how large is the difference in improvement in terms of standard deviations. Also, how many times was the experiment conducted? If, for example, it was ten times with different groups (or different division of people between prayed/not prayed for in that big group) and it showed consistent results, then it looks legit. In fact, a good followup experiment would be not praying for the first group and praying for the second and see how that goes. Then in the next months switch between them a few times. If each group seems to be better when prayed for and worse when not prayed for, then it's legit.

Shaye Shaye
1) what type diabetes do you have------- (type 1 or type 2) 90% in the US have type 2 2) when were you diagnosed 3) do you take insulin 4) how many times a day do you test your blood sugar, with what machine 5) what was your last A1C 6) what is your family history of diabetes 7) how long did you have symptoms before you sought professional help 8) have you ever been discriminated against (fired from or not offered a job) because of diabetes 9) do you have health insurance 10) if yes, is it through the state, your job or do you pay for it 11) have you made changes in your diet and exercise 12) is your Dr. satisfied with your control 13) do you have trouble affording all of the supplies needed 14) have you ever visited the blog http://icantaffordmyinsulin.blogspot.com... The answer to that will be no but if they have access to the internet (starbucks, burger king, library) they should. Some of these questions are HIPPA violations, they either have to sign a waiver or you can't ask (#5 definitely)
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Nimbus Nimbus
How long before they can take some of my adult stem cells and grow me a new or additional pancreas in a petri dish. I believe they are doing it already with rats and have had some success with pigs. Using my own stem cells would obviate the rejection problems and make it a relatively low risk procedure. Do you know of any studies along this line? I would be glad to volunteer.
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Korah Korah
You are trying to reinvent the wheel. Go to the many websites there are that have all ready asked and answered the questions. You will have to study both type 1 (juvenile) and type 2 (adult onset). They are 2 entirely different diseases with different causes and different treatments. You need to also cross referance heart disease as many times they are related. Good luck
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Indiana Indiana
how about, "upon diagnosis, what amount of time did the dr. spend on nutritional counseling?" and, "upon diagnosis, what amount of time did the dr. spend on drug counseling?" and same questions directed to those being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I'd be curious to see the answers on those...
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Evelyn Evelyn
I think it should be clarified how the word diabetes in pronounced. Many people pronounce it dia-beet-ees But others pronounce it dia-beet-us I think the second one is correct but also medicare denies my claims.
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Evelyn Originally Answered: What are good questions for a research paper interview about welding?
Maybe you could ask them what they might do if they were making one part (headache rack), and how it would differ if they were making 1000 parts of the same rack. Maybe you could ask them which process they would use and why. What problems may arise from fabrication of the part during welding. What the welder would change if that part failed. How much a welder could expect to get paid for a job like this. Where would the liability fall if the part failed and lives were at stake. If there are other methods of fabrication that could be used other than welding, and what the advantages or disadvantages of the other fabrication methods (nuts and bolts).. These are some questions that could start you off. Hope I was helpful.

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