Do Canadian Business Schools have world-wide recognition?

Do Canadian Business Schools have world-wide recognition? Topic: Do Canadian Business Schools have world-wide recognition?
June 26, 2019 / By Stacia
Question: Hi! I am planning to do my MBA from one of the Canadian B-schools.I am an Indian and plan to work there for a couple of years post my MBA but, would want to keep the option of returning to India or working in any other country open.Is Rotman,Schulich or Ivey good enough to give me the mobility to work any where in the world including India.Moreover,to start with will I get a job easily in Canada after the MBA
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Prissy Prissy | 4 days ago
Speaking as a business school prof in the U.S., Ivey has good name recognition (because they do a lot of cases which even we use) outside of Canada. I'd heard of Rotman, but had to look up with which university it was affiliated, and I'd never heard of Schulich. I should add that I spent some time working in Canada, and have spent time with our students at a business competition in Canada every year, so I probably have more contact with Canadian business schools than do most of my colleagues.
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Prissy Originally Answered: Why do Canadian schools give us sooo much homework?
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Maybelle Maybelle
In my opinion, the three best B-School in Canada are Ivey, Rottman and at the University of British Columbia. I don't know anything about Schulich -- but York is one of the better Canadian universities -- so I suspect that it will be respected. These business schools are comparable to ranked US B-Schools -- but not quite up the the level of the top 15 US B-Schools. You may want to think about applying to schools in the US. 18 of the top 20 B-Schools in the world are in the US (the other two are in Europe). These Canadian schools are close behind, though.
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Lauren Lauren
Not in the same league as the Harvard business school, but then again nothing else is. The schools you mention will give you internationally recognized degrees.
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