Do guys talk to girl online with no intention?

Do guys talk to girl online with no intention? Topic: Do guys talk to girl online with no intention?
June 18, 2019 / By Alberta
Question: Ok I just recently found out about my bf getting on Craigslist and sending pics. He would reply to post. And many girls have sent him pictures. He explained to me that all theses post are spam which seem legit because they all do same the same thing. All these emails require him to sign up with a credit card. I know he's not making it up but it still bothers me. Why would he even do that. One of my guy friends told me before look to be honest that is what us guys do. We talk to other girls online to mess with them. Because we don't actually know them or want to meet them. So I calmed down but should I buy this. He told me he did it because he was curious and do I honestly think he would meet up with someone from Craigslist. And would he go that low. I know him and believe he won't but guys could be jerks. So now I'm having a little doubt. I mean is this something I should leave behind. He told me it was just for fun and his friends were playing along and doing the same. I rly doubt he would cheat like this. But what I want to know why do guys do this. And is this a reason to end the chapter? Help please Btw he showed me his phone and emails. And told me he would stop. Which I hope is true
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Trevelyan Trevelyan | 7 days ago
I think he should stop! If he's advertising himself on Craigslist to other girls, that's rediculous even if it is a joke or not. When he sends pictures that brings things to far. He has you why would he want to play other girls. Obviously he is playing you too GoodLuck and I hope it works out for both of you!
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Trevelyan Originally Answered: How can I talk to this girl?
ohmygosh dont be embarrassed about your accent! girls LOVE accents! so just go up to her and say hi. come up with something random to start off the convo like "so did u get number 2 on the homework?" it will work, trust me !!! well goood luckk!!!!
Trevelyan Originally Answered: How can I talk to this girl?
HAHAHAHA. You of all people should have the easiest time getting this girl! Not only does it sound like she already is interested in you but you have an accent! That is pretty much every American girl's weakness! She will probably find it simply adorable! You should just talk to her because you will never know unless you try talking to her

Reginald Reginald
Everything has a motive, otherwise, why would he spend time doing something he did not have an interest in? He should be happy with you and satisfied, not seeking other people.
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Mckenzie Mckenzie
Many guys ARE just curious and playing around (experimenting)...but sure, if they become hooked and really interested in someone, some will follow it through to meeting them. It is happening all the time.
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Mckenzie Originally Answered: How can i talk to this girl?
I'm a girl and I have lots of guy friends - most of my good friends, or maybe even friends in general, are guys. :] First off I must say that I don't hate messaging at all. I know some girls do but I don't - I talk to my guy friends a lot through Facebook and I don't think I talk to any girls regularly on my phone ._. Since you see her sometimes, you could start with just smiling, saying hi, with a little wave and stuff. If she responds, you could start asking her if she minds you messaging her. If she disappears, you could ask her friends where she is, and most likely her friends (especially if they're girls) will tell her you asked for her and she might be a little curious, maybe slightly flattered, and she might even look for you and ask you if you needed anything. :) Other than that, you could offer her help with anything, join the same committees and clubs that she does, take up the same roles as she does - this way you'll see her more often. For me, since school ended earlier every Wednesday at my last school, there was a little time left before I had to go straight to a lesson. So I waited at this bench outside the gym area - and my 'crush' had gym every Wednesday after school. So we ended up sitting together and doing homework, chatting and stuff, and became really good friends. This happened every Wednesday. I don't think the bump thing would be so good though. But for example, if it's raining and she has to walk home, you could always offer to share an umbrella or even lend your umbrella to her and tell her you need to stay back in school anyway so she should go ahead - like this, you'll get to see her when you lend it to her as well as the next day when she returns it. Good luck :DD

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