Do I have ADD Attention Deficit Disorder?

Do I have ADD Attention Deficit Disorder? Topic: Do I have ADD Attention Deficit Disorder?
July 16, 2019 / By Shulammite
Question: I've been struggling with this for my whole life: 1.not being able to focus not being able to work on one task for too long [eg 10-20 minutes] wanting to do so many things at the same time, 2. feeling like I’m worthless because I cannot, for the life of me, convince myself to complete the simplest of task 3. getting distracted on the slightest note while doing homework eg math problems 4. going off on a tangent when talking forgetting my point 5. not being able to focus when someone is having a conversation with me 6. I’m the world’s best procrastinator cannot remember a single time I started a project more than two nights before the due date but even so two nights before is an extreme rarity I love watching people's behavior I analyze every situation from a million different ways. I almost unwillingly put wanted enjoyable task before needed ones. I hate not being able to place my full attention into a class or a lecture or being able to study. I can't memorize things because it’s boring and cannot keep my interest. I have trouble finishing any task; I talk over people without realizing it. I will write a whole paragraph without an ounce of grammar and have to go back and edit it. I feel like my brain processes things faster than my body can complete the action. I lose my train of thought frequently and my thoughts usually appear random to others because I quickly make links from one thing to another. I have failed test because i could not find the ability to open a book not because I didn't want to because I don't know why I was scared I guess so I went to sleep instead I have never studied for more than 2 or 3 hours for any exam or test. Do I have ADD?
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Pheobe Pheobe | 2 days ago
From what you describe, it looks like pretty much ADD, although it could be something else. If you want to stop guessing you can check for yourself, with a high accuracy at: The most important point from all the points you have mentioned above is number 2. Whether or not you have ADD, you must to change self image. It is the single most effective way to to transform your life!
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Pheobe Originally Answered: Do I Have Attention Defacit Disorder?
They diagnosed me with ADD when I was twelve. This diagnosis came from several reputable doctors, so we could safely say I wasn't just another kid turned out by an ADD mill. Put me on meds, blahblah, and I couldn't really tolerate any of it, so they were forced to leave me off of it. And, now this is going to sound harsh, but: I learned to deal with it. You recognize you have a problem, which is definitely the first start. But now that you realize it, meds may or may not help. Hell, you may not even have ADD. Now, as I cannot tolerate any known ADD medication for various reasons, here is what I personally do to get things done: 1. I let myself get distracted. I know, right? Bad! But I've learned to CONTROL my distraction. I'll motivate myself to work on my homework for anywhere from 10-30 minutes, and then let myself goof off for a while, and then get back to it. I have found this method to be ridiculously helpful. Also, so you get it engrained in your head that you need to work for a certain amount of time, give yourself small rewards for starting and completing a task. I used gobstoppers when I first started this method. 2. Write EVERYTHING down. Seriously. Buy yourself a nice, cute agenda and write down when you are assigned something, when it's due, and when you're going to work on it. I tend to bump against the deadlines, too, but I've found it's a lot harder to slack off if you've written down that you're going to do it. Also, talk to your friends about what sort of homework you're going to be doing on MSN or during the school day; the more accountable you feel, the more likely you'll do it. 3. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. I, for example, know I work harder when faced with a deadline. So, I'll coax myself into working on, say, a paper, for a little while and LET the deadline approach, so that I feel more pressured to do it. The more pressure I feel, the faster/harder I work. But by doing that bit of prewriting, I assure the assignment gets done and is of a decent quality. 4. Don't use ADD as an excuse. Whether you have it or not doesn't matter. I know I do, and I still make sure I hold myself accountable, and don't let "oh, I have ADD; can't help it" cut it. For example, when I'm cleaning my room (my most hated task) I don't let myself slack off and go "oh, that's just my ADD flaring up". I catch myself slacking and whip my own butt back up and tell myself the sooner I get done, the sooner I can goof off. I'll even set my own deadlines by telling myself and (once again) writing down a time to be done by. All in all, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it's what works, at least for me. Don't LET it debilitate you, and don't use it as a crutch. Motivate yourself and take control of your life. It's hard; believe me, I know that it is. But it is possible.

Marnie Marnie
You may, however you really need to repeat what you said here to a Dr., so he can diagnose you and hopefully you will see an improvement in the quality of your life. Just think that you may be missing out on a possible cure for your problems, but that depends entirely on your willingness to seek it. I hope for the best. My half brother has ADD and he was a handful growing up, and my step mom would NOT get him help for the longest time. When he visits now, he is a completely different person (he is 15 now) and he is doing great compared to how he used to be.
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Lady Lady
Yeah it sounds like you have ADD. I do too. I had meds that I was supposed to take, but I really really hate taking meds so I just dropped em. I don't take any ADD meds anymore and yeah focusing is a LOT harder, but it's your body, I feel like you should be able to work on self control and self discipline enough to still get work done. Hey by the way, stay away from drugs. People with ADD have low dopamine, the "feel good" chemical. This leads to a feeling of worthlessness oftentimes, and can cause depression. Drugs stimulate dopamine, and so people with ADD can get addicted really really easily. just acknowledge that you have ADD and try to work on your self control. do not think of it as a "problem" but as a gift. some of the worlds smartest people are believed to have had ADD, DaVinci included. A lot of people are saying "seek help" thats really up to you. I personally would rather be able to do this on my own. I don't want to have to alter my body in order to "function like everybody else" just because we are different than normal people doesn't mean its a bad thing.
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Jenessa Jenessa
Yes. I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist and explaining everything you explained in your question to them. There are medicines that work wonders and improve concentration like no other. You just need a prescription. Most insurance companies cover the medication, too.
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Fern Fern
your not the only one. But the only way I seem to really focus is when I'm motivated to compete. Or it's a subject I enjoy like UFO's. I also like to watch this video: before test/ study secessions. Drink coffee and chocolates.... Good luck.
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Fern Originally Answered: how can i pay attention better?!?
First off are you getting enough sleep? The largest problem among young people is the lack of sleep. Everyone knows that young people seem to have trouble sleeping at night even though they are exhausted yet school starts so early. Use this weekend to catch up on sleep. Next, once you feel rested try copying something down in a hurry. Then check your accuracy. If you transpose (switch numbers around or letters around or find that you start to write them backward) you may have dyslexia and need to be tested. Dyslexia is common and can cause severe stress and confusion and that leads to more stress. A few training exercises and boom, you are back on track. Good luck. Get sleep.

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