Do only i have such a cool imagination ?

Do only i have such a cool imagination ? Topic: Do only i have such a cool imagination ?
July 16, 2019 / By Yannic
Question: Like i can dream for hours about some cool scenes witch will look cool in a movie.Sometimes i even start crying.^^ So my question is does everyone have such imagination and dreams about such cool moments ?
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Best Answers: Do only i have such a cool imagination ?

Shayne Shayne | 4 days ago
I two, sometimes have crazy imaginations that make my thoughts cool like yours where it could possibly be in a movie. It means that you have a creative personality and are a very creative person, you might want to put your imaginations to paper if you can draw or write well.
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Shayne Originally Answered: Psychic vision, Vivid Imagination, or what?
Sounds like your having visions, usually they come to be in the very near future, my visions come true within minutes from visions. Dreams one day to months later. Could it be your spirit guide coming to influence you to do something.

Patsy Patsy
You definitely have a more detailed dream-space than most. I'd say yes, and you're lucky to have been blessed with such a gift.
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Margo Margo
I have a really vivid and strong imagination. I do believe u have a cool imagination, i imagine myself having a life lol. I sometimes act out gun shooting scenes in my head. I've actually created my own bad*** movie in my mind. My mind is amazing but i think we all have crazy fu***** minds.
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Kizzie Kizzie
Yes, one-fifth of the people has it.. Just don't worry. You have a broad minded and effective imagination. You have some creative power. And i personally i recommend you to join with us. We are going to start a comics publication. With your broad imagination, you can help us and you could be also one of our team. Please contact me [email protected] thank you. My wishes
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Kizzie Originally Answered: Why does Edgar Allen Poe continues to have a hold on the American Imagination?
He was a visionary. Most visionaries are timeless or are in the hearts and minds of people in many generations throught time, like Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Beethoven or George Lucas. Keep in mind that he was a pioneer in his genre (detective-fiction) and for his work to be so revolutionary takes a lot of imagination and an uncanny ability to get ahead of his time. And imagination and creativity well executed will almost every time result in a classic. His works were different and, personally, I love his writing style; reading Edgar Allan Poe always helps *me* stimulate my imagination. All these are my reasons to tell you why I think that Edgar Allan Poe continues to fascinate us :-) Good luck on your essay!

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