Do people buy custom gaming computers?

Do people buy custom gaming computers? Topic: Do people buy custom gaming computers?
June 27, 2019 / By Annmarie
Question: Hi, I was wondering if people bought gaming computers. This is because i have a friend that really likes to build computers and he said he would teach me. I have enough money to build one, but i already have a computer so i would just do it for fun. but after i built it, would i be able to sell it for a profit or no? I would use high quality parts(Im not a cheapo). could you guys tell me if this is worth doing or not? thanks
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Yarwood Yarwood | 8 days ago
You have to ask yourself why someone else would be willing to pay you a premium to build a gaming computer for them. You're not experienced, you aren't purchasing components in quantity (therefore no cost savings over retail), & you're not setup to provide support. Now realize, I'm not trying to pick on you. You need to think it thru & have a business plan. --How do you plan to differentiate yourself from other builders/manufacturers? --How do you plan to market yourself? --Are you going to sell standard builds? --Are you going to allow customization? --Are you going to carry inventory of parts/finished systems? --Are you willing to get trained/stay current on technology & future trends? --How are you going to handle support/returns/unhappy customers? Once you've thought this thru & have answers to all the above, THEN you're ready to make a decision as to whether or not it's worth doing.
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Not if they've done their homework. There are a number of security programs out there that will make sure they know EVERYthing you do. If not, then erase your history. PS. You won't know if they have the security software on there, most stay hidden. So behave as if they're looking over your shoulder.

Shelomi Shelomi
Yes some gamers will buy custom built gaming pcs. They are looking for the security of being able to seek redress if something goes wrong with the pc. There are different levels of gamers. So maybe pitch your pcsa towards people who are looking at starting seriosu gaming and try to work your way up from there
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Noll Noll
No. Hardcore Gamers usually build their own rigs to play on... Good luck with that. Now, there is a market for the older generation. That's where I make my money. If you build economical, high quality PC's that can browse and stream videos efficiently, people will buy them.
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Kurtis Kurtis
Not really, not anymore at least. A few years back there was a profit in it, but now you might be able to get 50 dollars profit from selling it. There's really no point in it anymore, unless you're a huge company like cyberpowerpc
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