Do you agree that in general, the men do a better job of "keeping it real" on GWS?

Do you agree that in general, the men do a better job of "keeping it real" on GWS? Topic: Do you agree that in general, the men do a better job of "keeping it real" on GWS?
June 26, 2019 / By Tempest
Question: I know there are some anti-fems who live to insult and a few trolls, but generally, the males on here stick to the point and address the questions, even if very honestly and directly sometimes... It seems to me a least, that a lot of the women (not all of you, some good posters) tend to just throw insults or give an irrelevant answer (the #1 example is "men do that to". Even if it was to the same degree, which most often the case is not true a lot of instances, that answer has nothing to do with anything and is not a valid excuse) Cop: "I pulled you over because you were doing 70 miles over the speed limit, ran down that old lady, and are obviously very drunk" Driver: "Lots of people drink and drive and speed around and kill people" Cop: "Good are free to go. Have a nice day, ma'am" Cristina: I am decidedly NOT your eyes, girl Rebel: sorry but my cop example has gotten mostly positive feedback so you are outvoted.....and you clearly don't grasp the fact that a lot of women avoid the point on here....although I thank you personally for your thoughtful answer
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Best Answers: Do you agree that in general, the men do a better job of "keeping it real" on GWS?

Roni Roni | 6 days ago
Yes...Whenever you require a special status like women and special studies like Women's Studies and yes even your own "women's studies forum", you depict weakness. Males see this special status as a major weakness in feminist. Whenever you seek special status you also seek to be seen as inferior and unable to compete with men.
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If you do your homework the minute you first get home, then all the rest of the evening is free to play on the web or meet your friends or do your chores or whatever.

Monat Monat
yes. you men keep it real you are obviously superior to us women the women dont understand..they cant keep it real women should bow down and worship you that is what u wanted us women to say, isnt it?
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Linsey Linsey
look at the way you are attacked just for asking a question(which you explained well), what does that tell you. the people who attack the most are the most worried it might be true. and any woman who thinks men dont believe we are minorities, because of the "special needs", is fooling themselves. as far as keeping it real, i dont see how men keep it more real than women do, although obviously if you dont know anything about the subject, you cannot give a good answer, that goes both ways.
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Kalysta Kalysta
I did until yesterday....yesterday the "general" man on here was a troll or an anti-fem who lives to insult. I know what you're saying tho, and yes i think (Not necessarily in here) in general we're a little bit more laid back and down to earth about stuff. i.e we don't have time to comment and critisize another man for shoes and "So last year" shirt. We have no time to care if God forbid a better lookin man than me is in the same proximity. I mean theres only 6 billion people on Earth, why is it not plausible to be the best looking one out of "all" of them?? We really don't need to know the ins and outs of our nextdoor neighbours arguments or kitchens, curtains or f*ckin pots n pans. When we go out we don't spend our entire life in front of a mirror putting on make up just to impress the same sex. When we're out we wear T-shirt and trainers. When we go to the pub to play pool, the only thing that we care about is drinking and playing pool.....We don't care whos prettier than who or whos wearing the nicer dress
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Hailey Hailey
And on pages like these how, exactly, do we know who the men and women really are? You know you can't just go by someone's avatar. In fact, how could you even go by what people write about 'themselves'? - anyone could be anyone writing here, no matter what user name and/or picture they post, or what they write about themselves or others.
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You certainly are a busy bee. You need to make yourself a time table and stick to it. It's called Time Management. Allocate a certain amount of time to spend on each task, not necessarily to finish it. When that time is up, Stop! Then move on to the next one. This will give your brain a bit of a break from thinking about the same thing. Be sure to make time for recreation, a bit of rest and some fun. And don't forget a break for eating. Do not eat while you are working. So, make a list, as you have done, prioritise them, and start allocating your time. Example: 6.30am Breakfast 7am to 8.30am Spanish 8.30 to 9.30am Geography 9.30 to 9.45 Rest, have a drink. 9.45 to 11am English And so on and so on. Stick to your roster, and you will be surprised just how quickly you will get things finished. Good luck with your studies.

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