Do you and your significant other ever play.?

Do you and your significant other ever play.? Topic: Do you and your significant other ever play.?
July 16, 2019 / By Sue
Question: naughty games? Mine ordered one online one night, while we were drunk, and when "Behing Closed Doors Came" to the door a couple weeks later, we SWORE to the UPS man it wasn't ours... We like that game...alot =]
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Rachel Rachel | 5 days ago
We made our own game with index cards.......... Have two sets of index cards...on one set write down a body part (NOUNS) i.e. ear lobe, lips, nipple, toe, elbow, neck, buttocks, etc. The 2nd set will be VERBS: Lick, rub, suck, kiss, massage, touch, etc... Keep cards separate, face-down......have your partner take one noun it to you....then pull a verb card.....your partner must perform on you what the cards say for 30 seconds... Now it's your turn.... Have a few drinks....write down some creative nouns&verbs... GAME ON!!!!!!
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Rachel Originally Answered: I need ideas for a play. Im takin a theater class and we have to write our own play. It has to be original.?
There are many comedic plays with very few characters in it. For example, Children's Letters to God consists of five kids writing letters to God, asking whacky questions like, "Why is the sky blue? Is it just because you ran out of all the other colors in the crayon box?" Or another, mature, funny is [title of show], where four adults are trying to write a play about writing a play. Also, Broadway's current show, Next to Normal, is about five characters that have to deal with their mother's brain cancer disease. I'm not trying to say that you should copy off of these completely, but hopefully they set your creative juices flowing.

Melia Melia
I find play naughty games and role playing keeps my husbands and I's love life alive. There is nothing wrong with have some fun with the one you love.
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Leanne Leanne
We play allot of them, but our favorite is to take large fuzzy dice with actions on one and body parts on the other, gather three or four couples together, and take turns rolling the dice.
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Johnna Johnna
I have been married for 45 years and yes we still play. Maybe not the way you mean but yes we play.
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Johnna Originally Answered: Significant figures help?
since you can only have three digits, write 8646 as 8.65 x 10^3 to do significant figures, you have to put your answer in scientific notation. your answer is written as 1 digit, then a decimal, then the rest of the digits rounded. Then you put a power of ten at the end of your answer- i put 10 to the third because the decimal needs to move to the right 3 places to give you 8650 (8646 rounded) Here's another example if you still don't get it: Say your answer is 1095 and the lowest number in the problem had 2 digits. Well first change the answer to a decimal with ONE digit, then the decimal point: 1.095 Next, round off the number to 2 digits since the lowest # in the problem had 2 digits. 1.1 ok next 1.1 x 10^3 (you need to move the decimal over 3 places to get 1100 - 1095 rounded) I hope this helped, I know it can be really confusing...

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