Do you feel that english should be the official language of the US?

Do you feel that english should be the official language of the US? Topic: Do you feel that english should be the official language of the US?
May 24, 2019 / By Jeb
Question: I am writing a research paper on this and need to survey people so please feel free to let me know how you feel about this I will take all answers. Just be polite I am just doing a paper, and I am not taking sides well can not give my opinion so it will not sway your answers.
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Gamliel Gamliel | 8 days ago
Yes, I do. This is why, we all have to speak English to progress through our lives. Either for school, work, shopping, everything. When immigrants come into America, all nationalities and languages are brought in as well. But I strongly believe that you must be fluent in English, to even be accepted. Everyone here speaks it, and so should anyone that comes to the US. And I understand that some people, when they come here they didn't have the resources, or the opportunity for whatever reason. And they should be granted, a temporary pass if you want to call it that, to have the opportunity to learn the language. And all others, that have that ability, or opportunity to be sent back to their home country, to learn the language. I know that some people my not like my answer, but this is the way I feel. I have no prejudices, and I do not want anyone to feel that I am trying to attack. So, if my answer upsets you, I am sorry, that is my feelings on the question.
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Gamliel Originally Answered: Why isn't English the OFFICIAL language in the United States?
All kidding aside, I am for English Only Language especially at the Government level. I am immigrant from another country and I had to learn English, and I did. I am with you. Let's start a political movement so that at the government level English is the only language.

Derrick Derrick
no, because the United States is a place of different cultures, and that is what makes us the United states. We should not have an Official language.
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Bennett Bennett
english? English? Oxford English? Probably be better than what they have now. Of course, some countries have two, three, or even four Official Languages. It does make for bigger documents, bigger cereal boxes (or smaller print), etc.
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Abiah Abiah
Why? people can barely speak it, and no one under 30 can spell or structure a sentence in it. I say it's time for Esperanto! ;)
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Shulammite Shulammite
noo because US is a country of all religions... AND........ yes because every country neeeds a religion langualge and everything thing so english would be america's
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Pheobe Pheobe
Its a simple YES, English should be the official language of the United States. The country was founded by English speaking men on religious principals, if the founding fathers know what our country was going to turn into 200 years later I am quite sure they would have done things much differently. People who come here to live in society should adapt not the other way around. So Yes, English should be the official language.
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Marnie Marnie
Yes, English should be the official language. 82% of Americans speak it, so there wouldn't be a better choice. It just wouldn't be practical to impose laws requiring everything to be printed in all popular languages (although as an aspiring translator, it'd sure put me in business). Although, with some regions having large groups of Spanish-speaking people, it may not be a bad idea to have a few bilingual states. It probably wouldn't work to try and make the entire nation bilingual, but it may be doable for the states bordering Mexico. (I doubt it'll happen, though.) As a whole, though, it'd be best for the US to stick to English.
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Marnie Originally Answered: how can i improve my english language ?
you could watch tv and listen to the radio and read the newspapers and stuff like that just so you get familiar with the language.

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