Do you REALLY know where Obama stands on abortion?

Do you REALLY know where Obama stands on abortion? Topic: Do you REALLY know where Obama stands on abortion?
June 19, 2019 / By Wendy
Question: Given what I've seen posted on this site, it doesn't seem like anyone has listened to him talk about this and you are making things up to feed your own hatred of him. If you hate him, fine. But don't make up things that aren't true. He doesn't support abortion at any stage. What he does support is a woman's right to choose. He does not believe the government has a right to tell a women what she can or cannot do with her body. He believes a woman should make the choice with her family, Pastor, Dr. or friends. He believes a woman should get counseling and be given alternatives to abortion, like adoption, birth control and be told the ramifications of making a decision to have an abortion. He doesn't believe in partial birth abortions, or 4th. trimester abortions, where the baby is actually born. There's a difference in believing in abortions, which quite honestly I don't think most people believe in and a woman having the right to make her own decision. Like religion, this should have nothing to do with politics. Religion should be left at the church and a woman's right to choose should be left with the woman. You people who want government out of your face, but want them to intervene when it comes to something you believe or don't believe in better make up your minds what you really want. That is if you know. To Just Plain Old Me: He does know, he's been interviewed and asked about it and made it VERY clear how he feels. All you need to do is listen. To Dynaflow: You are so wrong and misinformed, it's shameful. Do your homework. To Democrat Marxist Party: I would'nt try to insult someone's intelligence, when they have none. To Democrat Marxist Party: I would'nt try to insult someone's intelligence, when they have none.
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Sharalyn Sharalyn | 2 days ago
That's the most frustrating thing. These Christian wingnuts believe being pro-choice means that you support the killing of babies, which is patently false. I, personally, do not agree with the practice of abortion. But I agree with a woman's right to choose for herself whether to get one or not. For you Christians out there, didn't God give us free will? If so, what right does the government or you religious people have to tell others how to live their lives and make 'moral' decisions that you approve of?
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Orlenda Orlenda
He was crystal clear most recently at the Saddleback Forum. He is pro-choice from a legislation point of view. However, being a Christian he opposes the practice personally and refuses to define when a baby has human rights (or whatever was said exactly) because that is God's job (what he was referring to as "above his pay grade"). As for the legislation he controversially voted against which is being used by right wing disgust mongers as a case for why "obama favors infanticide".....The legislation in question threatened the standing abortion laws in the state, while others were bundled with other provisions that created liability for doctors, designed to intimidate doctors and make it more difficult to perform legal procedures. So Barack Obama opposed it for that reason, not because of any result on babies born alive. The legislation was designed to be a “wedge” legislation that would have no effect on medical procedures, designed just for these sorts of attacks. The Illinois legislature, after Barack Obama left to take his US Senate seat, passed a law that explicitly said it wouldn’t affect existing Illinois law on choice. Barack Obama has said he would’ve supported that law. When a group does this, they put one horrible provision (the “infanticide”) part of the bill and package it with a bunch of other provisions that assault a woman’s right to choose. Then, when someone votes against the bill to protect that right, they say the vote was over the “infanticide.” There is a dramatic difference between personally believing in something versus voting record.
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Malandra Malandra
definite, he believes in partial delivery abortion. So in case you had to get an abortion exact now, or perhaps contained in right here few months, he'd be prepared on it. I do, whether, think of you are going to might desire to tone it down slightly in the previous you have this toddler. it is reliable which you're pleased with the guy, and married, yet you may no longer save feeding into what different human beings say and have faith. No, no longer even the strangers on yahoo. do exactly for you and yours and stay concentrated on your objectives and what you like to your toddler. If this ticks you off, you have an prolonged thank you to circulate by using fact there will be worse circumstances. you may desire to be waiting to be mature and robust to your toddler, for this reason, being waiting to place aside others' evaluations and having a hard, yet helpful outdoors. in case you act 19, human beings will take care of you like you're 19. you're approximately to be a mom so of course, you do no longer decide to hold your self interior the comparable way as another 19 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old lady exact? Set a powerful occasion. stay in college too, thank you to circulate! Congrats and robust success with something of your being pregnant and the delivery :)
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Kilie Kilie
And yet, when the baby survives a failed abortion, he was among the few not to support the baby born alive act in illinois. The act was not an abortion question. Some way it was, but proof of this is that in spite of Obama's outrageous stand on this issue, the bill passed anyway, and abortion rights were in fact not affected. The bill made it a crime to just let babies die on the table if they are born. The bill requires DRs to attend to the living child. That's all. Obama voted "present". Good grief. Thank goodness it passed. Edit: Notice the thumbs down I am getting. I have provided proof of this, and yet still.. it just goes to show you...
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Jane Jane
He don't think a woman should have to live with her mistake. He supports abortion. A mistake is a hole in the condom, or get pregnant while on the pill(which is possible). But abortion has become the new birth control. Far too many murders are being committed in the name of "mistake".
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