Do you think i should as my teacher for help?

Do you think i should as my teacher for help? Topic: Do you think i should as my teacher for help?
June 27, 2019 / By Allissa
Question: im struggling in English , it my final year and we have a test so . My confidence suffers in that class and i feel as if im going to fail . I have particular problems in my essays such as expression , sentence structure and sometimes spelling. I tryed to improve on my own it doesn't seem to do any good i just become even less motivated as time goes on . I don't know how she can help me... ask not as sorry people
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Best Answers: Do you think i should as my teacher for help?

Uziah Uziah | 2 days ago
Most teachers would be overjoyed to find a student who genuinely wanted their help and advice. Definitely ask and explain your situation just as you have here. I admire you for wanting to improve and for having the initiative to do something about it, good for you. May I just offer a few words of advice that may help? Always use a capital letter for I. Use an apostrphe in I'm. It's tried, not tryed. To be honest, your question was more well constructed than many in this forum and you expressed yourself very clearly. Good luck.
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Rohan Rohan
Well of course ask her. Maybe he/she will refer you to tasks to develop better reading techniques. Or sometimes you can Goto your school text books website and do practices
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Milburn Milburn
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