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Do you think I should? Topic: Do you think I should?
June 24, 2019 / By Abrianna
Question: I think I am still hurting. Even though its not that bad to be away from her. It's doesn't make me cry when i think of her. But I do miss her at times when everything is quiet and lonely. Yet I still feel this emptiness in my heart. So I tried to get over it by drinking and get messed up the first week we broke up. The second week was ok but some days I needed to escape, so I drank some more. Then I finally I moved on the third week thanks to a friend. Then I started liking my friend but I know nothing is going to happen so I stopped on that same day. We are now cool and still talking. We had sex the other day. It was fun. But it was only physically and not emotionally. Although its great to have someone to do stuff with but something is still missing. I'm going to date another girl, but I know it's not gonna work out because nothing ever worked for me. So I am deciding whether or not I want to get away from everything and let my mind and heart rest... not speaking to anyone or see anyone. Just school, homework and netflix. I think I need to calm down and love myself. Then when a true love come I'll be ready for something new and special. Is this a good idea? I feel lost inside and no one can help me.
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Syd Syd | 7 days ago
You know that saying, "You must love yourself before you can love anyone else"? I think that applies here. Recently I was in a very serious relationship, and my partner cheated on me. Initially I blamed myself, went on a week-long drinking binge, had meaningless sex with random people, and tried to avoid thinking about anything by partying and avoiding being alone. All of that helped temporarily, but it was only when I was finally sober and by myself that I came to terms with the fact that we were over, that I could be happy, and that everything would be alright in the end. Talking with close friends can help too, but I would try having some alone time to sort out your thoughts and emotions, and some space to let yourself grieve and think. Hope this helps. :)
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Paul Paul
yeh ok well i went though a similar thing. I felt as u described and i never thought that i would get over my ex gf but i did. I tried dating others and it just made me feel bad so i don't reckon you should do that but hang with friends and avoid her and realize that ur better off without her cos one day u will find a girl who will loves you and will be there for you. I know what u mean when ur alone like lying in bed and u miss her and feel sad but ok listen to some fun hip music or read a book to fill the silence and eventually u wont miss her and u will feel better :)
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Lorne Lorne
By the sound of things I think you know that's the best choice for you to make. Jumping into bed with someone else and getting wasted is not going to fix a thing in your life. Temporary highs don't compare to permanent highs. Time to yourself and your studies would do you good. You need to be social, just stay away from mind altering things because you will just end up having sex or breaking away from the good things you want to concentrate on.
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Jaydon Jaydon
You seem like a great girl and a little break from the world seems like just what the doctor ordered. Don't settle for petty flings and meaningless hookups. You are better than that and you deserve much better than that. Let love find you.
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Gail Gail
Umm eww to the first but okayy if i were you I would just have fun! i mean if you honestly feel like being alone is what you should do..then do it...but if you miss someone who's an ex still then you should try and date and have fun until that sadness and missing her ness lol is over mkayy..hope i helped! =)
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