Do you think leggings/yoga pants should be acceptable at school?

Do you think leggings/yoga pants should be acceptable at school? Topic: Do you think leggings/yoga pants should be acceptable at school?
June 27, 2019 / By Agnus
Question: I'm in the process of writing a research essay on the topic of student dress codes and uniforms, and I wanted to know others opinions on those types of clothing. My school recently banned them because of 'distractions', which I think are unfair to the girls but I'm going to save that debate for my paper. What are your opinions, do you agree that they should be banned? Is it alright to wear them as pants? Some months ago the girls at my high school were called down to an assembly saying basically that their butt should be covered if they want to continue wearing the leggings. Do you think that those guidelines should be enforced? While some listened to that new rule, others didn't. Months later and a week before the new 2nd semester a sign went up saying that legging and yoga pants are no longer allowed,
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Best Answers: Do you think leggings/yoga pants should be acceptable at school?

Timo Timo | 7 days ago
Traditional black bootcut or flared yoga pants should be allowed but not leggings that are tight all the way down. There is a difference there. The looser fit below the knees on regular bootcut yoga pants makes them more appropriate. Leggings are not valid pants in my opinion. The butt should be covered either way by wearing a longer top so I agree with that rule. This hides pantylines and the tightness around the butt and limits any distractions because the only part that is visible is just the long pants from the bottom of the top down to the floor. I've never understood the ban on traditional black bootcut yoga pants and think girls should be allowed to wear them. But as for leggings, they are not pants, they are legwear.
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Ranald Ranald
Honestly, leggings and yoga pants are hardly worse than skinny jeans. Yes, girls have butts. That is a fact. If people cannot handle seeing girls in tight, flattering pants (provided they are not see through of course), then they are probably pervs anyway. Schools should really have no right to ban girls from wearing cozy/comfy leggings & yoga pants...just sort of ridiculous.
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Marquise Marquise
I wear them everyday, they make a girls butt look amazing and they are so comfy. I love lululemon and yoga pants, yes they are a distraction to guys, but boo-hoo that is a part of life. It is unfair, style is a form of expression of who you are and makes you unique and different. Yes there is less bullying with a uniform, If the leggings are thick like TNA or lulu it is fine, if they are cheap and see through then yea it's racy and inappropriate, if the pants don't show skin it is fine, girls have butts, they need to get over it. If pants distract someone from there studies they are probably a perv any way ;) edit: i forgot to add, depends on the grade, highschool is acceptable, but if it is in middle school i agree with uniforms, im sure girls don't have butts yet at that age haha
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Jervis Jervis
For the best answers, search on this site Might want to check that legging, yoga pants and sweat pants are considered acceptable because honestly I highly doubt that they will be deemed appropriate by the school administration. You should be able to find some at JC Penny or Walmart come fall though.
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Gilroy Gilroy
Leggings are really no different than tight fitting jeans, and if tight jeans are allowed then leggings should be allowed also. Tight jeans or leggings may not help a young mans hormones which are already out of control, but they will have to learn to live with it lol.
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Doran Doran
I think its fine. My school had a ban on leggings but we dont anymore because of how many girls wear them anyways. I think that their the same as skinny jeans. They are just as tight fitted.
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