Do you think my decision is good?

Do you think my decision is good? Topic: Do you think my decision is good?
June 26, 2019 / By Topsey
Question: Tomorrow there is a pep rally at my school. I know that there won't be any tests or notable assignments. I've decided to stay home all day tomorrow. Here are some of the reasons: Every morning for school I have to wake up at 5:30 AM which KILLS me because I am not a morning person. I dislike pep rallies because they are loud and give me headaches. I find no joy in them. I feel as though they are unnecessary. I need to catch up on my online algebra course that I failed last year and I'd like to spend the whole day doing it because it is more important than sitting around campus watching cheer leaders and the band with its loud drums. My mom is against me skipping school but I'm still going to sleep in anyways. What do you think? Hi, The Dusty Trail. I am quite informed that missing one day of school will not harm me in any such way that I should be concerned. I have a lot of other responsibilities after school so I do not have the time to get my online class assessments completed efficiently. I have spoken to my teachers and none of them have assigned quizzes, tests, exams etc or weekend homework. I have my homework from today finished that I can turn in as soon as I return to school. I'm keeping my grades up. I included the time that I have to wake up because I thought you would have a decent agreement that it seems ridiculous and tiring.
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Ruthie Ruthie | 4 days ago
Go to school and keep your attendance up. Your mom is against you staying home because she was once your age and knows you're not going to spend the whole day catching up on algebra when it's evident you are behind in it or you wouldn't have to catch up. I think you tried to unload a bunch of excuses on us so as to get us to agree that you should stay home just so you can sleep late. Pep rallies don't last more than 30-45 minutes and the rest of the day are classes, so quit being lazy and go to school and learn something and try to make something out of your life.
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You should go with what you enjoy most. Here's some thoughts: To be a chemistry teacher at a school, a BSc is enough + teacher training...go beyond this and you'll be financially worse off. To be a lecturer of chemistry at a University etc will pay more and a Phd would be of benefit. To be a doctor will give a good salary and a guarantee of a job any where in the world. There are also teaching opportunities in hospitals etc. Maybe organise yourself some work experience to help you decide / give you the opportunity to speak to people in the field. Other jobs in chemistry: Industrial chemist, research scientist, Pharmaceutical Research, biochemistry (more money in this) or how about chemical Engineering (designing vessels / chemical plants - can lead to travel, pays more than a chemist). hope this helps.

Nellie Nellie
I think these are legitimate reasons to stay home. They are perfectly reasonable. Tell your mom you want to skip the pep rally and catch up on a class. As long as you're sure there isn't going to be anything important you need to know, go for it.
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Louiza Louiza
Yeah, go for it. A lot of people skip the pep rallies. The only ones worth going for are homecoming.
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Katriona Katriona
You should stay home if you don't want to go. So yeah i would do the same thing if i hate pep rallies
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