Do you think Y!A censors should kick obvious homework questions off?

Do you think Y!A censors should kick obvious homework questions off? Topic: Do you think Y!A censors should kick obvious homework questions off?
June 19, 2019 / By Tracey
Question: It seems like lots of kids are posting their homework on this forum, and always getting people to answer their questions. Do you think this should be against the rules?
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Best Answers: Do you think Y!A censors should kick obvious homework questions off?

Sadie Sadie | 3 days ago
I never block someone for having a homework question, but I never answer one, either. If all the computers, were to go down, most, would "not" know how to do their homework by hand, and "show" how they got the "answer." What a shame. With the most "creative" invention in years, It is causing the "students, "to no longer to be creative." <}:-{( ..\\//,
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Neva Neva
No. Some questions are legitimate and others show that the student was probably out partying the entire weekend. I only answer the legitimate questions, where it's difficult to find the answer (even on-line) or calls for a conclusion that may be ambiguous. I don't worry about questions that obviously show that the student has not done his/her homework because the results of not doing so will show up on their next test.
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Luvinia Luvinia
I don't think the censors could really tell a student what to ask on Y!A. they could always repost the question as a non homework question and it really isn't their place. usually the answers point to a reference for the answer anyway. Once they get an answer they may understand and learn from it also.
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Kayleen Kayleen
Nope. I like to quote things from Wikipedia, Sparknotes, etc. so that they realize that if they do copy my answers directly from what I post, they will get busted for plagiarism. A lot of people also just post links telling askers where the information is. I just don't understand people who go in and write nasty answers about how kids should do their own homework. There are some reasonable questions on there and if people are going to get worked up about it, then they probably shouldn't be in the section called "Homework Help"
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Hosanna Hosanna
No I don't think it should be against the rules. If someone has a problem or two that they just can not get then why not be able to ask for help? Now, I don't think they should post all of their problems and then just copy the answers that someone puts up. That doesn't teach them anything. People who solve the problem or two should show their work and give an explanation as to how they arrived at the answer. Just giving the answer does no good either.
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