Does anyone know how I can find someone without paying?

Does anyone know how I can find someone without paying? Topic: Does anyone know how I can find someone without paying?
June 18, 2019 / By Aislin
Question: I am looking for my 1st husband, his name is Larry Huttto Stover. I was married to him 30 years ago. Just would really like to see and talk to him. Haven't seen him in years. Went to Freedom of Information Act but couldn't figure it out. I don't know if he is alive or passed on. Thank you for any help. Larry lives in the United States, I think either in Oklahoma, Texas or Ark. he may live somewhere else. Everything everyone has suggested, I have tried. I forgot his dad and moms name, I know his father died, they lived in Ark. I wissh I could find my divorce papers, I could know exactly how old, but I don't know if I have my marriage license. Can you obtain one from the county you was married in? 12-14-77 would there still be a record of our licenses? Thank you!
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Tracy Tracy | 8 days ago
In genealogy, we research our ancestors not living people but sometimes you can find people on Facebook and MySpace. If that fails try: If they own property or have recently sold property, some states property tax records are online and a few states have probate records online. You will be able to find little else online.
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I know you said not waitressing, so why not try bar tending? Bar tenders make crazy good tips and usually only work a few nights a week (generally Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and one more during the week). The hours aren't too bad, either. Just a thought. Are you into sports at all? Many colleges have an IM (intramural) sports department. Most times the supervisors and refs are students at the school. Good luck in your job hunt.

Redd Redd
If you don't still have them, go to the IRS to get a copy of your tax records you filed jointly with him during one of the years you were married. They will search by your SSN. Then, get his SSN off of it. Then send a letter to him through the IRS. They will use the SSN to find his tax records and see where he lived the last time he filed taxes. They will not tell you where he is at, but will forward your letter to the last address he last filed taxes from. If he is still alive and filed taxes last year, he may still be at that address. Maybe you will get a response back from him. I do not know if they do this for free or not, but if there is a charge, it is probably cheaper than any other option you may have. It would not be much. Probably only a few dollars for administration fee basically to do this for you. Isn't it worth a few dollars?
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Mattithiah Mattithiah
You don't say which Country. Different Countries have different search resources. If you are in the UK, you may find a phone number and an address for him on the sites, or Anything similar in the US if you are there? I've checked the UK Electoral Roll and there is nobody of that name listed, but it is only 80% complete.
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Job Job
Do you have his date of birth and where he was born? Your best way of finding this information out is for you to give us his date of birth and where he was born at.
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Greer Greer
By any chance, did you go to school with him? Or know where he went? Try, or face book. Have you looked in the white pages?
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I think they are different because if you hire a tutor, then you are willing to learn and are sitting with the tutor as they explain to you how to do your work. If you pay someone and do not sit with them and see them do the work then you obviously have no interest in learning whatsoever. :D

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