Does anyone know of any legit home run businesses?

Does anyone know of any legit home run businesses? Topic: Does anyone know of any legit home run businesses?
June 18, 2019 / By Agatha
Question: I'm doing some research around the net and so far, most of these "start your own business at home" gigs you have to pay out of your pocket. I'm really weary of giving out any of my credit card information to get started on an home business. I really need to make some extra money on the side and would appreciate anyone who could refer me to some legit sites that I can trust.
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Tibby Tibby | 10 days ago
Hi there! I have recently started an online business and would like to share some of my thoughts with you. Before you start, think what product / service is of interest to you. Just because someone claims a particular business is lucrative, does not mean that its ideal for you. For eg. if you do not like or believe in the products / services of the business you are planning to start, you will never be happy working on that business. At the same time, I would like to give you a word of advice. When I started my search for an online business, in the initial few weeks i was very cynical of every opportunity that came my way... I doubted everything because every business said they were the best!!! But then i realized that to move forward and select a business... its good to be skeptical but NOT cynical. Being cynical will never take you even a step forward. You need to be open to listening to different ideas and different opportunities and then use your due diligence in deciding which is the best option for you and then make your informed decision about it. Never let anyone sway you into making a decision... always make sure that you are the one who has actively decided into getting into the business. Also, never pay a cent for beginners kit / information pack before you have joined a business. If the business is legitimate, they will not ask you for any payment before you have decided to join and they will always offer all information / support and help for FREE. Another point I would like to highlight while we are speaking about payments is the difference between online jobs / and business opportunities. You need to decide if you want an online JOB where you are working for someone else who send out your pay to you OR an online BUSINESS which is your own business. Again, if its a job, I would say a legitimate employer should never ask for any money from you before or even after joining the company. On the other hand, if its a business that you are starting, and you are convinced about the product, business model and you future, you must be prepared to treat this as a professional business and understand that there will be start up costs. How much you are willing to spend of course, depends entirely on your decision / and how much you are convinced about the business. And finally, working on an online business means that you will be working from home in most cases. So be prepared to set your own times but have the determination to stick to it. It is very easy to get swayed and become lax and put off things till "tomorrow". Don't fall into that trap. Have a mind set that this is a professional business and treat it as such. Think what you would expect of an employee working in your firm and have similar expectations from yourself... because... aren't you your own employee??? Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please feel free to mail me at [email protected] Also, let me know if you need details about my own business. I am very pleased with this business model and will be more than glad to help you out! All the best with your venture! Regards, Namz
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Tibby Originally Answered: How can I tell if this website presents legit information?
The name you use for a source, either in-text or in a bibliography, is the one at the right on your first link, his title and his name. You also include the date it was put there (it's there, I saw it -at the end), and the date you access it, for a bibliography if needed. The second link was of much more interest to me because it says, along the top with other things to click on: "Related Links." That means you can use info from both the one at that second link you posted, and info from several related links, which also have more links. I followed that one to see. The first link you post stops right there. It really doesn't give enough info from enough perspectives, in my opinion. There is no 'red flag' per se, but that first link looked just a tad bit like 'we will only say the best things we can here' type of site. Of course, it's your choice. I say all this because I've written many research papers and find it best to have a variety of sources to quote and learn from. Have a uni degree and did post-grad work. Made my living as a writer, editor and tutor. Retired, mostly, but got/get to do what I loved to do.

Rafe Rafe
If you are going to start your own business, you will have to pay out of pocket. Consider it like buying a franchise. They are not going to let you represent their company unless you have something invested. A work at home job on the other hand will not have you pay out of pocket, but you are not in control of your income either. Here is the good news! The company I work for has just lowered their starting price to $1 from $29! It was already a great deal, but now how can you resist? :) I work from home, and I don't have to do shows, sell products, or take and deliver orders! I can do everything from the telephone or computer, too, so I am truly home! It is much better than some of the other things I have tried! Also, the company I work for has gotten a Hall of Fame award from the Better Business Bureau! The CEO is also on the board of the US Chamber of Commerce! The team I am with gives me free training and a free website as well! Come to my website and fill out an interest form, and I will call you and get you all the info. With any real business, you can't get all the info on a message board post, and there is no obligation to listen to the details. Everything is fully refundable too! That makes it risk-free! kdnewman (no spaces)
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Markus Markus
I have done very well with a company called Scent-Sations. If you work at it you can make a very nice income. I have been doing this for 2 years now. Just think 85% of people burn scented candles!!! We have created a website that gives detailed information about the business and how to get started. We recommend that you visit and watch the video. Be sure to fill out the form and we will email you all the information you will need to determine if this business is for you. Jeff
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Jerold Jerold
Here's an alternative home-based use of a telephone opportunity which is outlined below. If you have a functioning telephone with call forwarding features, you can set up a small phone answering service which can provide the lunch break and appointment relief for small medical and legal practitioners. This is how it works: You have a contract with these practitioners to allow them to forward their switchboard calls to your home telephone. While the regular staff is on a lunch or regular afternoon break, you answer the phone and take down any appointments and relevant notes. You charge a fee based on .10th of an hour, i.e., up to 15 minutes is .25 hours, a half hour is 0.50 and 45 minutes is .75 and finally an hour is 1.00. The attractiveness of hiring your service is the clearness of your voice [hopefully without an accent] and the savings to regular staff members not having to stay around or arrange their breaks just to cover switchboard calls. And you may not want to limit this service to these practitioners and offer it to any number of restaurants [taking reservations]; private schools [which gives out information to prospective students], etc. Good luck!
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Gil Gil
if you want to start your own business then why not make your own website put stuff there to generate money for you. website is online real estate. the more popular the website the higher the ranking and higher ranking usually converted to lot of cash. so start now to find out how can a website be a popular real estate.
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Donald Donald
Absolutely legitimate: I am in this business for 2.5 years, no cost to enter, no recurring fees. Write me back, as Yahoo Answers will not let me post the website here. -- Mark
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Braidy Braidy
Do what I did. Get you 1 mower and a few clients and you can do fairly well mowing lawns. Why work for somebody else?
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Braidy Originally Answered: College admission assistance.legit or scam?
The help they'll give you, you can get for free here, and at your school. There are also great books on the whole process, that you can buy or get via the library. I know your counsellor isn't great, but they may be of some help re: college searching. And any questions you have, you can post here, or at College Confidential. For example, you can get help on your college essays by working with your English teacher. You can find colleges that fit your SAT scores on You can learn how to save money on college with the book Debt Free U, available at the library or here: You can get help preparing for the SAT via a test prep book from the library, or a test prep class offered via your high school. Seriously, everything you need is out there, most of it free.

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