does anyone live in los angeles? is it nice?

does anyone live in los angeles? is it nice? Topic: does anyone live in los angeles? is it nice?
July 16, 2019 / By Marquis
Question: i want to move there, but my friend says its gross there. but i want to drive down the road and look to the right of me and see a celebrity, i think it would be soo cool!
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Best Answers: does anyone live in los angeles? is it nice?

Jerry Jerry | 8 days ago
LA is huge.! There are several districts and areas. 4 million people in the city and 14 million people in the county. There are the upscale more affluent sections and the low income and crime-ridden areas. You seem a little starry-eyed and naive. I was born and raised in LA and I have only seen a celebrity one time within walking distance. If you want to see celebrities, you need to get closer to them in Hollywood, Westwood, Burbank, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Fairfax, Studio City, Century City and the San Fernando Valley. Celebrities are people too. They dislike being invaded when they try to live their life off camera. They can become agitated and hostile to fans, photographers and reporters. Every year, millions of young people come from farms and small towns in the South and Midwest to LA with dreams of achieiving stardom. Hoping to get into the movie and modeling industries. Most of them wind up on the steets and homeless. They are addicted to drugs and become prostituties to support their habit. They usually end up dead. LAPD notifies the parents and families. They have to fly out to LA to identify their loved ones in the morgue. You may come out here, and do just fine. Some actaully make it. But, you need to do a little research and build a savings account. Find out about the traffic, economics, demographics, diversity, culture, real estate and various industries. Make plans to attend college and enter the workforce. Don't become another news story and sad statistic. That is not the way to get your name in the paper.
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Gillespie Gillespie
I've lived here my entire life, I'm an actress too, just not famous, heh. Anyway, it's pretty good here, but you wont see celebrities all the time, it depends on where you are. It's actually a big place with a bunch of different little cities. It is filled with a lot of smog, and traffic. Some places aren't as nice as other places, and it's NOT what you see on TV!! The beach is never too far, but it's not like the beaches in Hawaii! There's a lot of people. Movies and fashion are a big deal here. There are some pretty neat things to see if you've never been here before. The biggest problem is everything is WAY expensive, especially Gas and Housing. Make sure you have a lot money! I would take a visit out here first, I think you'd like it. EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS [email protected]
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Donovan Donovan
I am a third generation Angelino. It pains me to admit that the quality of life has gone down since I was a child. Housing is unaffordable. A 3 bedroom 2 bath house in a decent school district is half a million dollars. Rent is going to be just as astronomical. The traffic jams are wide spread. They are do intense that the first thing most local news stations broadcast in the morning is traffic. Expect to pay 40% more for insurance in LA. There is any type of party and you can still meet any type of person you want. Education opprotunities are excellent. The beach scene is as good as you can hope for. However,if you ignore surfing ediquete you will be beaten up. Even though the weather is good, I would recoment Texas, Arizona, Florida, or other sun belt states.
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Brant Brant
Some areas of L.A. are gross. But, your friend is an idiot. L.A. is awesome! There are nice places to live, but sadly, no celebrity's are not falling out of the sky in L.A., that is a common misconception. Try moving to a beach city, such as Mahattan, Hermosa, or Redondo Beach, if you want to be close to L.A. but in a nice, clean, beach setting. Marina Del Rey is also nice. If you want to be in L.A. where the celebrity's are you would have to move into the heart of L.A. more like Los Feliz area. Most of the studios are in Burbank now anyway, not in Hollywood.
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Adrian Adrian
If your motivation for moving to L.A. is based on sighting a celebrity - I strongly advise against it. L.A. is a lifestyle - fast paced, heavy culture, glitz, glamour, and ghetto. The city will easily eat you alive if you are distracted and star struck. As a native, celebrity is lost on me - does nothing for me. Believe me, the celebrities I think you are referring to (movie and rock stars) aren't just standing around waiting for fans to get a glimpse of them. Actually, they are evasive and frequent places that would be impossible for an avid fan to get into. If you can afford it and are intent enough, go to the Chateau Marmont in the summer and have lunch and drinks by the pool. The more greenbacks you throw around the more likely you will be to get where you need to be for rubbing elbows with all types of celebrities. Just remember to respect their privacy and maintain your dignity! Some are nicer than others, but you won't be the first obsessed fan they have dealt with - remember they are just people too. Once you have seen enough - hop on a plane back to wherever you came from. L.A. will eat you alive!
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Stormie Stormie
I live in LA and love it. I live by the sea kind of and It's really only nice by the sea or by (or in) the Santa Monica mountains. Move to Bel Air or something. It's really nice around there.
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Rachael Rachael
I like La for its weather, the beaches and the diversity of the population. It has what ever you want. it is absurd to think that celebrity viewing is tourist destination.
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