Does God Love Hitler?

Does God Love Hitler? Topic: Does God Love Hitler?
June 27, 2019 / By Alisya
Question: Hmm...? Hitler was obviously a very demented man, but to say that he was ABSOLUTE evil in his purest form is a little bit for lack of a better word, wrong. Now God loves all of his children... So? Just to let you know, Hitler was NOT a Catholic, whoever said that. In fact he pursecuted Catholics as well... The only reason I know this is because we're studying WWII in History.
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Uri Uri | 2 days ago
There was much to love in Adolf Hitler. He was creative, thoughtful and passionate about his beliefs. He held himself to rigorous moral standards. People really did see him as a clear thinker, a leader who would rebuild the ruined economy and shattered national pride of Germany. He offered hope, law and order, promoted health and education. All good traits, and aspects that God would love in a person. No one is purely good or evil. In any case, it isn't quantity, but the quality of evil itself that separates us from God. If Hitler had repented, he might be very much closer to the Kingdom of God than the matronly woman who arranges the flowers on the church altar, but harbours a grudge against the mailman who walked across her lawn. There will be many surprises in Heaven--who is there, and who is NOT there.
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Uri Originally Answered: why hitler went mad, STD?
When I was at school We were taught that Hitler was suffering from a Psychosis then known as Megalomania. This was however over 20 years ago and new research may have brought new knowledge to light. Also, I'm not sure if the condition I used to call Megalomania is now known by that name or if such a Psychosis is even believed to exist by modern medicine. I never heard that Hitler had an STD or any form of Schizophrenia. Edit for the education of the misinformed. AIDS is not the only Sexually Transmitted Disease(STD) and yes some STD's left untreated can eventually damage or destroy the nervous and central nervous system, in many cases leading to insanity as well as death. Syphillis is the one that most readily comes to mind kids. Edit 2: I'm not sure I can agree with fresh jeff. Hitler was not just a bad man. He was a terrible, terrible man. What Hitler and his regime did was worse than you can imagine and I still shake with horror at some of the true survivor stories I read during my studies, the awful awful pictures, the written documents and diaries of serving officers and soldiers in Hitler's army, the endless lists of blandly recorded atrocities that they left behind... You are correct to note that he is not the first or last insane, murderous leader but if you think he was the least of them you need to go and re take all those history lessons with your eyes ands ears open. What watered down sugared versions of the facts are they teaching kids these days?

Robin Robin
God doesn't hate, but is disappointed of Hitler because he loves him. Think it over, it'll make sense
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Micha Micha
I'm sure he does cuz he's God and loves all his kids. Just doesn't like the things he did. Just like a father loves his son even if in prison. Just wish he didn't go there
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Joyce Joyce
Hitler was taken to the royal court on the other side and his soul refused to repent it is no more.
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Harland Harland
All are given the same chances, love. All are judged without partiality. All who are workers of lawlessness will receive death eternal - oblivion.
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Harland Originally Answered: Things Hitler did before the war?
caused his niece to commit suicide killed all the commanding SA leaders and officers in the night of long knives persecuted the jews kristlenaucht sent his goons to beat up political opposition

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