does my best friend like me (anymore/still)? This is long so beware.?

does my best friend like me (anymore/still)? This is long so beware.? Topic: does my best friend like me (anymore/still)? This is long so beware.?
June 19, 2019 / By Siena
Question: okay, so i am a guy and and my best friend is a girl. we met freshman year, at the start of high school. we were just friends. are friends went out for like a month. then after that me and her really became pals. so eventually of course i start to like her, and i didn't know to tell her, so then i found out she had liked me but its weird be cause we never really had the stage i like you it was more like i love you because we grew so fast so quick, and she was the first to say i love you and mean it more then friends. so i went with it cause i felt it that was in feb last year. then in june of last year we talked on my birthday and we said we should try things out and try and go out, and we were official going out on my bday. and we kissed. so then like a week goes by she said things were awkward or not the same so we "broke up"? then we kinda drifted apart. we didn't talk for a month and i missed her she missed me we started talking and to be honest i still liked her at this point. so time passes we don't hang out as much but it started to get normal. and anyways. we hung out this yeah on vdays it was all good. just chilled together nothing more. then a few days in between then and now. so we hung out again few days ago, and like she came over did her homework and i played some really bad guitar ha, and all the sudden shes texting someone, and shes laughing and saying "ahah i wish i could tell you what laura( are mutal friend) is talking about." so she didn't tell me so i stole her cell phone and im like teasing her saying im going to read it even though i knew i wasnt going to becasue thats really rude i believe. and like she was trying ot get the phone back and we were like flirting in away. and we kept looking in to her eyes. and i wanted to kiss her so much, but i didn't know if i should. but i love her .every time we hang out i go crazy for her. so i kept the phone from her for like 20mins and i layed in my bed and she layed next to me and she didn't seem to just be like "GIVE ME THE PHONE" she was just like flirty saying give me it don't read the text. and all that stuff. so i gave it back to her since my mom came down :P stairs in my room ha, and then we left and i went to go bring her home, and we were walking to the bus stop, and these people go buy and me and here are inch away face wise. so we stop and look into each others eyes and she says "do you think.." and i turned around and she said "you never go along with it" and i said what? shes like do you think those ppl thought we were going out? and about to kiss? an di laughed. then again she did it! at the buss stop. then we go to her house and walk around and she was begging for me to give her my guitar pick? ahha idk. and she kept it and idk where this story is going but i love her and i have to vent it to some one and it cant be her cause she is the one id usually tell all this to haha. and i don't even know. how can i find out if she likes me still? the thing that made me write this is, the fact today she said something about the song Magic by Colbie Caillat and how it reminded her of me? and awhile back she told me the song oxygen by Colbie Caillat reminded her of me and also the song Can't Let Go by Landon Pigg And when we were not talking one day she randomly sent me a message saying to listen to the song a coming of age story by drop out year i need help, what do i do about her, should i try and talk to her about how i feeel, or should i just like try my hardest to not like her the way i do. btw, that text she was talkign about, our friend said she wished she had a bf so they can have sex. and then my friend said her too. and then the girl said me and her should have sex then go out casue she likes us together ahahha and the girl i like always talks abotu guys she liked, and how she says i hope i have a new boyfriend like him or what not alot. and idk if she is liek hinting its me or saying liek she wants someone else also when she came over she told me i was reminding her of her ex boyfriend from awhile ago. is that good or bad? wow this is really long im sorry. don't hate. ha. by the way we are both basically 16 in a month.
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Best Answers: does my best friend like me (anymore/still)? This is long so beware.?

Philippina Philippina | 5 days ago
Dude its 11:58 pm and I was about to go to sleep but your question caught my eye. YOU ARE DUMB! She totally loves you man! She flirts with you A LOT by what you are saying and Im thinking there has been more flirting. What you need to do is ask her out and tell her your feelings. Who sends texts telling em to listen to this song cause it reminds me of you? Lovers and ppl who have a crush only do that. It's in front of you and she likes you. There is no doubt about it. The signs and the way you guys flirt. The fact that she said that you remind her of her ex, ignore it. You are not her ex. You are you. Tell me if you ask her out. Your story is interesting. Btw, don't take forever to ask her out or make a move. Do it now your young and in high school. I wish I could have told my love how much I wanted her as more than a friend. Good luck and yeah she likes you...
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Philippina Originally Answered: 10 Points! How do I tell her I don't want to be her friend anymore?
It's one thing if you guys are tight enough to sit down and talk about things and sort it out. Maybe in that case, it would be wise to forgive, let live and remain friends. But if that doesn't work and you know for sure this isn't the kind of company you wish to keep in your life, then it's time to "break up". Still forgive her, but instead of remaining friends, just move on. If she doesn't want to change for the better, then you know what, just don't bother with her. Don't let the little things bother you that she brings up just to aggravate you. Give her less and less attention and importance in your life and eventually she'll realize that she's not "getting to you" anymore. She is NO true friend to you if she's hurting you like this. So don't feel bad about ignoring her and not caring about her every day life. She doesn't care about you either, just using you to take out her frustrations on. It's not worth it to hold on to so-called friends like that. So just keep drifiting away from her for a period of time and eventually, you'll lose her in her tracks. She'll get the message when you keep making excuses to get closer to her, eg. if you say things like, "Oh no, we can't go out this weekend, I have... um, homework! yea, that's right, homework...sorry". Good luck.
Philippina Originally Answered: 10 Points! How do I tell her I don't want to be her friend anymore?
If you can talk to her at all in a reasonable manner, if she'll listen to you, try explaining that you've both changed in the last several months and you feel the two of you don't have much in common any more. You'd like to still be friendly with her, but you'd also like to branch out and be friends with a lot more people, too and you hope she can understand that. If that doesn't work, then just be polite, but have as little as possible contact with her until the relationship eventually fades away.

Marta Marta
WTH man?! I'm no sooth sayer but I could say this, SHE TOTALLY LOVES YOU!! I don't know how I can tell but I can. Tell her how you feel and trust me, only good will come out of it. What are you still doing on the PC!? GO ON, Go make things right between the two of you.. !
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Lainey Lainey
I totally agree with TJ! she is so damn in love and your wasting time writing that novel to people you don't even know!!
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Lainey Originally Answered: Why won't my best friend hang out or text with me anymore?
because they no longer consider you a best friend and probably don't want to hang out with you or care if they see you ever again. if they wanna hang with you they will. some friends huh truth hurts

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