Does she still love me?

Does she still love me? Topic: Does she still love me?
June 24, 2019 / By Anabelle
Question: Me and this girl have gotten really close but aren't allowed to date till we are 16 in two months, we are seen as a couple right now, we just can't say that we are. Well, I absolutely adore her, but then the last week she has been spending less time with me, and she always goes and sits with this other guy that likes her, and I'm scared she might be done with me, and to make matters even worse, he asked her to prom today, and she is going to say yes. That might not seem to bad, but she has always considered dances a date, and she's I'd adamant about not dating until she's 16, yet she is still going... I'm feeling kind of hurt, but I don't know if I'm over reacting or if I should let her go before it gets to hard, I still really care about her and want her to be happy, even if that means she goes to someone else to make it happen. I even tried to kiss her once, but she told me not until she's 16 once again. I'm scared to lose her, but I also know that we will always be friends? What should I do or think?
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Weaver Weaver | 3 days ago
What I suggest you do, Cameron, is to find out 100% if this girl likes you or not. After reading your story, I still can't tell if she likes you, so your next homework assignment is to make sure she 100% likes you. HOW you do that is on you - only take s a little brain storming and maybe a few extra friends involved. As far as this prom situation goes, in my opinion, yes, you may be overreacting. But you know what? That is completely normal! The fact that you are worried simply proves to everyone that you truly do have feelings for her and you don't want to lose her to another guy. The best advice I could give you is to try whatever you need to do, to a safe extent, to not think about that so much or your anxiety levels will sky rocket through the roof. Now trust me, I know from personal experience that that will NOT be easy by any means necessary. I completely understand that so long as she is going to prom with this guy, those thoughts won't be able to leave your mind with ease, I get that, I do, but the best and only advice is to try and take your mind off of that because you are overreacting. Now, with the dances to be considered as dates to her, there are two ways to look at that. On one hand, that EASILY could've been just a saying especially coming from a girl who is under 16. I remember when I was 16 years old, I said PLENTY of stuff that I did not mean, and if that is the case, Cameron, then you have nothing to worry about in that area because she could've just said that and not meant it, so saying yes to the guy could simply be a friendly yes. On the other hand, if she does still consider dances to be dates and will say yes to the guy that is asking her to prom, it could be the end of her you and her and I'm sorry to say that. Going on a date, and dating a person are two similar but different subjects. They both are romantic, but a guy and girl can still go on a date and not be dating each other. In another words, if dances are dates to her and she will say yes, I think it might be time to move on to another girl. By all means, if she does start to fall for this other guy, you can try and fight for her, but your assumptions may be true for now. That's all I have, Good luck to you!
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mayme you are not letting her be a dog... most people treat their dogs as babies, some dont even let them walk!! let her do dog things, dont try to "humanize" . I heard that soemwhere... dont remember where though lol : p
Weaver Originally Answered: i love my dog so much?
I know this will sound really different but in my opinion ur problem is that you think u need to be an alpha to ur dog o have a 7 month old shih tzu and from the first day that i got her i tried to be a good parent not an alpha it makes a lot of different being the an alpha technically means that your dog should be at the buttom of the chart but when you are a parent to your dog your dog is part of the family not lowest in the chart be a good parent to your dog always communicate with your dog and when she does anything wrong punish her yell at her and make her stay in a corner and say time out ;) and make her stay there for 5 min and then you dismiss her like the way you do it with your child try playing with her and train her just take 15 min out of your life each day to play and teach your child remember she never had a chance to choose who would take her home so you have to be the perfect parent to her so that you can make her happy shes going to be living with humans so don't try to make her behave like she is in a pack and your the alpha and she is just a follower make her feel that she is a part of the family and most importantly she is the closest persn to you belive u me if she feels that way for 1 sec she would feel amazingly happy and she will love you for ever sometimes you may not have time to spend some quality time with her but remember that dogs are really royal and she will forgive you faster than any friends try taking her out for walks and always make her exited about other dogs and if she is not interested thats because she hasn't been socialized well enough just take her to a dog park and let her just go aroung dogs just leave her there for 2 hours she will eventually wants to play with other dogs always alwasy make your relationship with your dog like a parent to a child not like an alpha to a follower hope i helped any conserns just let me know ;)

Salal Salal
Not sure about the love part...but geez if she is going to a dance with another guy and considers that a date but won't go out with you until she's 16...I think there is some hard news in store for you. I would let her go not to make HER happy but to make YOU happy. Kinda sounds like she is using you, sorry :(
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Murphy Murphy
No, no one really loves anyone except a parent who loves their child. Love is a big bunch of horseshit.
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just to let u kno no one is gonna answer ur question because of this damn essay. and no one cares about ur relationship ****. go talkto a friendd or something and stop getting advice from strangers.

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