Educating students about sexuality in public schools?

Educating students about sexuality in public schools? Topic: Educating students about sexuality in public schools?
June 26, 2019 / By Zipporah
Question: I have to write an essay about an issue with education, and I decided to write it on educating students about sexual orientations. Personally, I think this should be done, but I would like to see what people think about both sides of the argument.... Why should this be taught in public schools? Why should this NOT be taught in public schools? Please list at least one reason for each (even if you don't agree with it). Try to be objective about both sides of the issue, and if you can list sources that would be super awesome. Thank you so much!
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Sherilyn Sherilyn | 5 days ago
Good luck with it. I'm a lesbian and I'll do my best to think of different arguments for each side (although I don't agree with some ;]) Why should this be taught in public schools? -Just like same male/female relationships are shown everyday, so should same gender. We don't see enough people feel game enough to be with their loved one of the same gender in public. -Most people find their sexuality around the age they go to school (about 12-18 generally), so if they aren't educated on it, they may become more confused and doubt them selves like I did. -If same sexual intercourse issues are taught in P.D class too, teachers can give advice about how to do it safety. -If sexuality is openly discussed in school, people who are in the closet may feel if they can come out and they'll be supported. -Everyone will start to become more understanding and accepting of sexuality. Why should this NOT be taught in public schools? -Some people like Christians may find it offensive. (For obvious reasons) -Some people may find it morally wrong.
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Having been to both private and public schools, they both have good points. If the area you live in isn't the best and the public school is not safe or has a bad reputation, a private school is better. The kids there will be better because their parent have enough money to send them there. Otherwise, a public school is better. They are almost the same, education wise but sometimes, private schools limit your options and tell you what subjects to study instead of letting you be independant. This is not always the case but it happens a lot. Also, private school kids have a harder time interacting with others since they have associated with the same type of people their entire time in school. There is no real diversity. Also they have been sheltered so when faced with real life, they tend to have problems fitting in. It is due to their lack of independance(in most cases) and lack of substantial social skills that they don't perform as well as public school kids. Personally, I like public school better. I think in most cases, private school is a waste of money. One of my friends still goes to a private school except hers is all girls. They recently decided to make it an academy for boys and girls so that the boys' admissions would pay off debts. If the school has debts, their facilities won't be top-notch like some government funded public schools.

Penelope Penelope
Why should this be taught in public schools? Well for starters, so no one has to live in fear of being verbally tormented from the time they arrive to the time they leave, so no one has to worry about being cornered by 4 jocks that want to make a punching bag out of somebody "just because", so the general public has a better understanding that gay people were born this way and not that it was a "choice", and lastly to drop the stigmatization that what choices they make don't make them evil (although the church may have a tough time believing that last one). Why should this NOT be taught in public schools? Hmmm, can't really think of any....
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Marisela Marisela
never seen it huh? Your fortunate. My chum has 2 infants interior the 2d and third grades. while Obama have been given elected, all they did substitute into communicate approximately how amazing of a president Obama substitute into going to be. How he might make issues greater effective than they have been the final 8 years. How everybody might get to maintain their residences and function scientific wellness insurance. That wealthy people might pay greater taxes so damaging people might have amazing issues. sure the teachers surely stated this. They have been additionally assume to place in writing a short tale of why they like president Obama. If this would not looks like indoctrination i do no longer comprehend what does. i'm prepared to guess you're liberal so of direction you does no longer pay attention a liberal bias in colleges. you probable assume that's only the way issues are existence. Panda: for sure you have been indoctrinated. it is the liberal colleges that suppress all opposing factors of view. do no longer have faith me? attempt giving a expert-conservative standpoint on any challenge. See how at present you would be silenced with the aid of the instructor and or pupils and watch your grades fall. that's liberals that don't go with absolutely everyone to think of. that would cause them to attain the democrats have grew to become them into "useful idiots".
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Kristin Kristin
SHOULD- It should be taught so that kids know more about why others are different, and to increase their tolerance to these differences. SHOULDN'T-Knowing about these things may cause smaller children to experiment more wildly than they should at a much younger age. I tried to be as objective as possible. No religion, no bias, no BS. But me, personally, agree that it should be taught in public schools.
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Kristin Originally Answered: Is this the reason that American public schools are so bad?
Wow. Do you work in a public school? I doubt it. If you did, you would know that beautiful things happen every day in American public schools. Kids are smart, insightful, and creative, and they go on to do wonderful things. I've been a teacher in a public school for quite a while, and I have never heard any colleague of mine say, "Your country is evil" or, "Your race sucks." Never. Judging by your own poor writing skills, you didn't get a very good education yourself. You're awfully bitter. And awfully racist. Not even worth responding to, but I couldn't resist... I also read a couple of the other responses to your lovely, poorly-informed rant... All these people saying there aren't any good teachers anymore. Most of my colleagues are smart, motivated, committed professionals. (Of course, there are some duds, but that's true of any profession.) A strong salary and amazing benefits have attracted wonderful people to the public schools of NYC; my school alone has several Ivy League graduates. I'm no slouch, myself-- graduated college with a 4.0, scored in the 99th percentile on my SATs and LSATs (before I realized that teaching was waaaay more rewarding than lawyering), and attended an Ivy League graduate school for my masters degree. (As an aside, I can't help but wonder, oh-racist-one, what is YOUR level of education?) My point is, anyway: there are amazing, smart, successful, effective teachers in American public schools.

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