English essay help? I'm really stuck on this!?

English essay help? I'm really stuck on this!? Topic: English essay help? I'm really stuck on this!?
July 16, 2019 / By Treasure
Question: I'm writing an english essay about the over-commercialization of holidays and how it destroys the true meaning of the holiday. But i'm having trouble coming up with what we can do to stop it, or at least make it have less of an impact.Thx in advance.
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Sal Sal | 7 days ago
Perhaps there's something can can be done an a family-by-family level. For example, last year my brother's kids gave toys to a toy drive instead of getting gifts for themselves. They then volunteered to distribute the gifts to needy kids on Christmas Day. Rather than feeling sad that they didn't get any gifts for themselves, my nieces and nephew, actually felt really lucky that they want for nothing the nest of the year -- unlike the kids they gave their gifts to who often don't have dinner or decent clothes to wear to school.
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Sal Originally Answered: Im STUCK i really need help writing this essay.=/ please?
Try going on about how/why Gatsby -- the character in The Great Gatsby -- didn't find happiness with his wealth. Explain the plot specifically, not too much that it's a book report but enough to give an example of wealth not achieving happiness =] Same with the poem (I've never read that one). I hope that helps you get going on some more paragraphs!

Nichola Nichola
Start out with facts about the massive amount of money people spend on gifts. And how lowering the commercials will make stores lose business over the holidays. That'll go over great! ;)
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Lyndi Lyndi
Maybe you could draw a comparison. I was listening to an NPR report on the holidays in Mexico, and the big emphasis is on religion. Perhaps you could suggest that people find meaning in the religious aspect, or in doing for others if they aren't religious.
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Kaylin Kaylin
You should talk about banning Television commercials and stupid advertisements on the Internet during the christmas seasons. That's make EVERYONE happy.
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Hunter Hunter
Instead of buying gifts for each other we could give donations to favorite charities in someone name. That way we are helping people.
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Edwina Edwina
properly, first, make a catalogue of issues that makes you proud to stay in Scotland. once you have performed that, p.c.. like 5 maximum serious issues out of that checklist and then each and each could be a paragraph. good luck.
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Edwina Originally Answered: Please help my final is tonight and this is one of the essay questions i keep getting stuck on?
miantaing the chromosome number - mitosis interphase - DNA replicates prophase - chromosones condense metaphase - chromatids line up on the equater anophase - sister chromatids pulled apart at the centromere to oposite poles of the cell telophase - cytokinesis begins where the nuclear memeber reforms and cytoplams and organelles are divided between the 2 cells. giving 2 cells with the original amount of chromosomes in, the diploid number reducing the chromosome number - meiosis same as mitosis but during telophase the chromosomes seperate again and then cytokinesis happens, giving 4 cells with half the unumber of chromosomes in, the haploid number

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