English Major, what to do with my life?

English Major, what to do with my life? Topic: English Major, what to do with my life?
June 24, 2019 / By Alysha
Question: MY daughter is about to graduate with a degree in creative writing, and she is clueless as to what to do wit it... what else can one do with that degree??????????????????? she's not to sure about teaching!.
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Vick Vick | 8 days ago
Did you daughter visit the career counselor at her college? If the counselor is decent she/he should be able to give her some ideas. Hopefully your daughter has a writing portfolio along with some internships. If she did a minor that may help get her a decent job while she writes. She can also visit the local library or Amazon and get a book on jobs for English majors. If all else fails, she could go to grad school. Library Science may hold some interest for her.
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Rowan Rowan
She can get an MFA, teach English, or go to law school. In addition, she can do many other things with a college degree. I majored in history, got an MFA, went to law school. This is the 21st century. No need to feel boxed into a particular field of study or work. Most importantly, she should figure out what she wants to do and then go for it. If she likes creative writing, why not get an MFA?
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Monty Monty
She can work as an editor for any type of magazine, publishing company, web page, etc. She could work at any company which needs to write manuals, which are most companies, i.e. Boeing. Basically, she can use it to work in any office where you need to use the English language.
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Kearney Kearney
You can become a writer (not just for books, but for tv shows and other things), she can become a publisher, a teacher (not just in school, you know) or magazine journalist. Just wanted to throw out a couple of ideas out there Hope it helped
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Heathcliff Heathcliff
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Elioenai Elioenai
I have a bachelor's degree in English. Biggest waste of money, ever. For me, anyway. Now that she's followed her fancy, wish her luck in getting a real job.
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