essay about jared leto?

essay about jared leto? Topic: essay about jared leto?
July 16, 2019 / By Thomasin
Question: i need to make an essay about a famous person and i chose jared leto. my teacher said that i should be part objective part subjective . so i should have a bit biography and then why i admire him, how does he make me feel, what good has he done to society etc. i love jared leto but i am really bad with essays. plzz help me. i need it for tomorrow :(
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Rosasharn Rosasharn | 4 days ago
Divide your essay in 3 parts- -Introduction (Start off with a quotation by him) -Biography of Jared Leto (Add some interesting and inspirational facts) -How he inspires you You can write what are some things you like about him. How he makes you feel. What impact does his songs have on you. How he inspires you through his songs and deeds. Write some special and different/unique things about him so that you can conclude that, thats the reason why you love him, because he's different. Some of the quotes by Jared which you can use- "Try and fail. But never fail to try" "Dream as big as you want to. Its the cheapest thing you'll ever do" "A real hero is someone who gets up even when he can't" "When you're at the point where yo u feel you have nothing to live or thrive for, be like a camera: use your negatives to develop" "I think sometimes you have to bet on yourself. You always have to follow your dreams and you have to be willing to fail" "Don't be afraid about not living upto other people's expectations. All that matters is that if your'e happy with yourself" "Don't take advice. Be an example" Hope it helps you :)
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Rosasharn Originally Answered: essay help?
Carefully read the question. Is it asking for a narrative (a story) or an expository answer (explaining)? Is the question online? Do they have examples of winning essays from the past? If the scholarship is an essay to help you get into a college, then make the essay personal about a choice you made and how it is still shaping your future. Write a personal narrative and include dialogue, your thoughts and feelings, and how the event is still important for shaping you. I am surprised the question asks about "today's choices"-- but one of today's choices is writing the essay. If the question really is about today's choices (not yesterday's), then describe the process of sticking with the choice you are making to get the essay done... and the results you hope will be forthcoming. If this is a college scholarship essay, the point is to a) show your skill writing b) help the college/scholarship board get to know you and your personality/ goals/ habits/ etc. c) show your mind working (a good thing for anyone who wants a scholarship). Make your writing as interesting and personal as you can, showing your strengths. Don't forget to proofread and punctuate carefully, too.
Rosasharn Originally Answered: essay help?
Giving examples that pertain to your own life would probably be the best way to go- think of something that you did when you were younger and explain how that changes your life today. Be extremely careful if you go with the fictional story- since you make up the story, there is no facts or examples to back it up good luck!

Moyra Moyra
Here are some tips. Mention how you admire his talent as a musician and an actor. List a couple of his previous projects. Mention how you found out about him and why you love him. Also, add more information about him e.g. his birthday,nationality,hobbies. Also, mention some of the things you and leto have in common e.g. his fav color is like blue. Say that he inspires you to try your best with everything you do because he is such a hard worker. Also say that since you're a huge fan it makes you happy to see him become more and more successful every year.
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Lola Lola
What do you need help with? Go on the internet and find the facts about him then the rest is easy as it's how YOU feel and i can't tell you that.
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Lola Originally Answered: help with essay! please?
Without knowing you, it is difficult to make any sensible suggestions. Positive character means things you do that are for the good of other people or situations, and not done for personal gain or glory. So -- what do you do that fits that parameter? Do you do any volunteer work, in school or out of school? Are you involved in a youth organization such as Scouts, 4H or whatever? Often there are leadership roles within these organization that are filled by the members. And most have community help goals as well. Are you a cheerful person to be around? Are you positive in your outlook? Do you help other people willingly - even when you aren't asked? These are all aspects of positive character, along with such things as truthfulness, honesty, etc. You are the only one who can evaluate these, so sit down and do some contemplative thinking. Good luck with your essay. PS - this is a difficult assignment, as listing the good things about yourself sounds like bragging, and most people don't like to do that. But since your assignment is specifically asking for the good things about you, you can list them with aplomb and not feel embarrassed.

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