Essay for world history. need help.?

Essay for world history. need help.? Topic: Essay for world history. need help.?
June 27, 2019 / By Angeline
Question: Ok, i am writing a final exam essay for world history and I'm not the best in history. It is a 7 paragraph essay and im not sure how to find the info. the topic is: What allowed Hitler & Mussolini to rise to power? and I have to right it in this format: I. Intro II. What were the social and economic problems following WW2 III. How did Fascism (Hitler and Mussolini) promise to fix the problems? IV. Same but for either Hitler or Mussolini V. How did the League of Nations fail in Germany and Italy VI. Need another example for either Germany or Italy VII. Conclusion.
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Willard Willard | 2 days ago
Italy and Germany had been in poverty since the end of the First World War. The people in the two countries were desperate and would follow anyone who would help them. In 1922 a man named Benito Mussolini in Italy saw a great chance for political in Italy, and he would lead this reform. Calling himself Il Duce, meaning The Leader, Mussolini took down the broken Italian government and started his out fascist regime called the Black Shirts. At almost the same time in Germany a man by the name of Adolph Hitler was raising to power, controlling a group called the Nazi party he took down the German Weimar Republic and created the Nazi-run Third Reich. After World War II the most major problem for Italy and Germany, besides not having a government fit to rule over the masses was inflation. The Dutch Marc in Germany was so badly inflated that it took a whole stack of marks to buy one loaf of bread and much more than that if the people wanted meat. In Italy the problems mostly spawned from not having a fit government, after the fall of Mussolini Italy got a new king and the country fell back into the monarchy. In Italy and German the two leaders, Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy promised to fix many of the economic problems. In Germany Hitler promised all “true Germans” homes and food if they helped get rid of the “problem” that plagued the German countries, the Jews, gypsies, and other people. In Italy Mussolini simply said he could bring the people out of poverty by giving them control of their own jobs and making them bosses of their work. Hitler got people to join the Nazis by promising money, food, and housing at no cost to them. But unknown to the people all of the food, housing and money was coming from Jews and gypsies being sent to camps for either work or death. The League of Nations was formed in an attempt to settle disputes between countries without war or any economic sanctions. The League may have been effective grated Germany was included, but Germany was stripped of land and power after the First World War and sent home with nothing. With no inclusion in the League Germany didn’t have to listen to anything they had to say to them, and Hitler took this to a whole new level. It said he couldn’t have a standing army of more than ten thousand men, Hitler had over one million. Italy on the other hand was included in the League of Nations, but Mussolini and Hitler teamed up and Italy refused to take orders from the league either. Italy was never restricted to their military numbers so Mussolini had a great advantage. When Mussolini attacked Ethiopia his military was a bunch of untrained young boys. Lucky for Italy these boys were attacking a group of people that used bows and arrows, they won quickly. Mussolini use propaganda to make it seem like a hard battle that Italian troops won because of quick maneuvers and decisive thinking. World War II lasted from 1936 to 1945, Mussolini was leader of Italy only until 1943 and Hitler controlled Germany until 1945 when he committed suicide in Berlin Germany. The German and Italian people had to take time to recover after devastating losses during World War II. The Nazi party and the Black Shirts didn’t survive in Germany after the death of their creators.
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Some questions to focus your attention: Society: How did society and social structure differ between the colonies in New England and the South? How did slavery affect how individuals living in each region relate to one another? What were the ramifications of those differences? What did people do differently in each region? Government: How were the different colonies governed? How would you describe the types of government? Were there themes in each region? Compare government in Virginia to government in Massachusetts Bay. How did that affect the economy, relations with the indians, and the drive to expand? Clearly, a new immigrant from England arriving in Boston in 1750 would have a very different experience from one arriving in Charleston, SC., and one arriving in New York. Why? What could such a person expect? Here's my opinion: Such an immigrant in Boston would look to establish a small working farm in the back country or get a job working for a small business owner in Boston or Providence. He might expect to make a good living or own a very profitable business but wouldn't expect to be alarge landowner. Charleston: The Charleston immigrant would go into the back country and claim a big plot of land, then work it with a large group of slaves. Once the land was worked dead, he'd take his slaves and move on to the next plot. There were few large towns and success depended on managing land turnover and large groups of slaves. New York was kind of a little of both.

Seamour Seamour
ooo! i love history and i might help on this one, if not then i am sorry. OKay, HItler and Mussolini rose to power due to World War I's crisis ending of the Treaty of Versailles. the disaster that caused world war one made many angry such as Germany because they had to pay a full wartime reparation repairs and that the WWI was blamed on Germany for having to happened. This made many Germans angry and the desperate people of Germany had struck hard in the Depression and were so desperate that they were convinced by Hitler that they would have revenge and glory as the Arain race or superior race. Mussolini also rose through supporters. Both leaders were Fascist and had a good skill in public speaking such as Hitler who wrote the Mein Kamf while he was in jail. Ulitmately it was their speech skills and persuastion that made them rise to power and their promises to the people. There were many social and economical problems, Germany and Italy suffered devastatingly from the Great Depression and inflation. Fascism promoted Nationalism and national identity for people. Fascism also promoted to have women to make more warlike mongol babies, so they could join the Hitler Youth for example to train young kids. Also the fascist leaders promised to make their nation glorious and they promise employment opportuniteis and stuff. League of Nations ulitmately failed because the Treaty of Versailles was so unfair that Germany and Italy hated the L of N and they broke away. Germany suffered alot giving Manchuria away to Japan and Italy wasn't pleased at the little land they gained. Well, i could go on talking but its alot
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Ned Ned
So, type Mussolini and Hitler into your favorite search engine and go through the responses to find the information you need, in sufficient detail to enable you to write a tremendous essay and really wow your teacher.
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Kevyn Kevyn
nicely i replaced into questioning the comparable element. yet do you advise Persia as an essay question? are you able to truly write that a lot approximately Persia? And for imperialism you advise as a an study and assessment questions? Australia and Pacific? Is that even significant? And yeah i do no longer think of it''l study Russia and China, that replaced into aLready a prior CC question. probably CCOT approximately Persia submit WW1, whilst it grew to grow to be Iran? and that i w as thinking the CC question might desire to in step with risk some thing like study the Indian Ocean commerce community to the Silk Roads? they have't had an essay on IOTN considering the fact that 2008 and Silk Roads considering the fact that 2009. And it fairly is def no longer likely to be columbian substitute that replaced into final 365 days. in step with risk imperialism?
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for me i think life in Athens you would find more on and plus its so general you can wright/type a lot about it. like you can wright paragraph after paragraph about how they do things and what they do and about what their religion is based on do they go to church? what do they eat? what are some jobs they do? stuff like that. do good i hope you get an A

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