EsSay HeLp.pLzz.! dis is really Urgent.?

EsSay HeLp.pLzz.! dis is really Urgent.? Topic: EsSay HeLp.pLzz.! dis is really Urgent.?
June 19, 2019 / By Suzanne
Question: i have to write a long essay about my life... i need some ideas and points which are relevant to this topic and i will elaborate on it. im not lazy but im juz really running out of ideas and i need more ideas on how i can make my essay an interesting not really perfect in my english and plz can anyone help me with this?? hope u understand my situation and plz i would really appreciate ur answers :) i just want ideas on what a person can write about his/her life
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Raven Raven | 1 day ago
Because you didn't place the specifics of the essay question, it is hard to answer so all I can offer you is some advice. Read an autobiography and take some pointers. Pick someone there is a lot of research available on, and then compare what they left out and in to other resources. This should help you to decide what is pertinent and what isn't. Also, write a list of the events in your life and divide them into three categories: 1- Extremely important, 2- Moderately Interesting, 3- The small details. This will help you to narrow down what you want to use. It sounds to me like this essay is an opportunity to analyze and define who you are and how you came to be that person. What were the big and small influences on you, or on your values, or how you treat other people? Who shaped your outlook of the world.. did you study things or did someone just tell you how it is? Hope this helps!
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Raven Originally Answered: plz check my grammar on my essay and improve my conclusion(it's narrative essay) it's urgent?
2nd paragraph: French force "had built"... ...and grasped victory..." 4th paragraph: ..." he set many precedents..." "....he created the cabinet system...useful during any difficult situation or difficult situations." "... he declined a 3rd term..." "... would not become a tyranny as the one we ..." last paragraph: "...who led us... not with force.." "....he showed us.." "...potential and could accomplish.." "...if we work together.."( join together is redundant) ".... fight for what we believe in" Congrats!! you did it by yourself and the writing is very expressed your ideas clearly.

Meriel Meriel
Ok, good, first of all could I propose loosing all abbrevation corresponding to 'plz', 'dis' and 'u'. Secondly, do you have got a "regretted motion"? What is it? Why do you remorse it? The fundamentals of any essay is that this: Introduction paragraph, frame, final paragraph. In the Introduction you're going to provide an explanation for what the paper is approximately. State that you simply remorse a specified path of motion and lead into the frame paragraph. In the frame you're going to write approximately the motion and why you regretted. What have been the poor penalties? Why did you do it within the first location and when you knew what used to be going to occur and when you went forward and did it anyhow. To near you'll begin the paragraph with, In end... and inform approximately what lesson you discovered. Make certain to spell assess, use indents and correct english.
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Leonora Leonora
You could start by thinking about the most important things in your life. Is it your family? your partner? your car perhaps...from then you may be able to write the most interesting stuff about them which gives your readers some ideas about you.
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Jordie Jordie
Wait, wait, want people who doesn't even know help you with an essay about your life? How does that make sense?
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Georgeanna Georgeanna
write about the milestones in your life, your major accomplishments, experiences or just generally the good and bad times you remember
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Georgeanna Originally Answered: Urgent -- English Essay Help?
Sometimes well-written prose stands out better when applied to a mundane topic. For example, take the seemingly lame topic of soft-drinks: Narration/Description - a short vignette of a person hiking through the Mojave desert after his car breaks down. He makes it to a gas station and finally slakes his tremendous thirst with a Sunkist. Concentrate on all of the physical sensations - the heat, the parched mouth, chapped list, then the vision of the gas station on the horizon, then the nearly-orgasmic soda experience. Process Analysis - making soda, tons of stuff online Definition - what is soda, where did it come from, why is it so popula - typical reporter's questions who, what, where why, when, etc. Compare/Contrast - MountainDew/MellowYellow this is really splitting hairs and if you pull it off with a wry sense of humor it could be very funny Cause/Effect - drinking soda leads to obesity/diabetes,etc., how? why? tons of stuff online Division/Classification - classify sodas, easy, colas, fruity sodas, root beers, etc. Persuasion - take a position on soda machines in schools as a health problem, tons online.

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