ESSAY: how are animals affected by human overpopulation?

ESSAY: how are animals affected by human overpopulation? Topic: ESSAY: how are animals affected by human overpopulation?
June 19, 2019 / By Sybil
Question: please help!!! anything will help (: x i need to find things such as because humans are destroying habitats, also some facts and figures would be good (: x
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Reagan Reagan | 6 days ago
when the human population grow, their settlements become large and larger, and lots of jungles get cleared to make space for human settlements, also as the number of humans grow their number of needs for basic requirements such as housing, furniture etc., expands resulting in the clearance of forests. this in turn effects the animal population. lack of food, habitat and poaching leads to the extinction of number of species.
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Merle Merle
Well i cant write the entire essay for you but i would say... Humans are destroying some of the foressts that animals live in. When humans get rid of one animal population by destroying their habitats than in whole they are removing other species. Sorry it was not an essay but im in school right now too.
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Lesleigh Lesleigh
Well, take rain forests for example, overpopulation there, means deforestation for developing cities, roads, farms all need trees to be cleared, even things like rubber and wood, the more people, the more wood, rubber needed, the more trees that need to be cut down. even though only 6% of the earth is rain forest, more than half of the worlds animals and plants are only found there. With around 6000 acres cut down per hour, 1000's of undiscovered species are going extinct. cutting down trees = no homes, no food ,etc.
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Josepha Josepha
well if humans take over habitats a species could disapear. or if we over use our resources like water or trees. we get clean water from where fish live if we pollute it and over use it then there won't be a habitat for them. also if we over use our trees animals that live in trees wont be able to live. so we need to use resources wisely to. As our population grows the more bigger suage and trash places get so the more suage and trash and landfills less habitat for animals... i hope this helped!
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Georgie Georgie
World-wide habitat destruction, pollution, interruption of food chain, over-hunting, poisoning/trapping/wanton destruction, and eventual species endangerment and extinction. For specific examples, see websites for the WWF, Greenpeace, PETA, etc.
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