essay on "to kill a mockingbird" (book)?

essay on "to kill a mockingbird" (book)? Topic: essay on "to kill a mockingbird" (book)?
June 19, 2019 / By Sophie
Question: im writing an essay for that book, and i have to say why it is called "to kill a mockingbird" and talk about these and the book: -freedom to choose right from wrong -not to judge a book by its cover and the other one i forgot thanks yeah i know what the book is about can u answer the question after reading it thanks
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Posey Posey | 5 days ago
the words "to kill a mockingbird" refers to the time when Atticus said that it was a sin to kill a mockingbird becuase all they do is make beautiful music and they don't bother anyone. Then, when Boo Radley killed Bob Ewell, if they exposed it to the town, they would be "killing a mockingbird" becuase he didn't hurt anybody like everyone thought, he just gave gifts to kids, and killed Bob Ewell to protect those kids. Not to judge a book by its cover - Atticus was good at shooting, Boo is nice, tom robinson didn't rape mayella... choose right from wrong- ??? maybe the jury could have chose tom to be not guilty, but they did... Hope you do good on your essay!
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Posey Originally Answered: I need A bit of help,I have to write an essay about To Kill A Mockingbird?
Read the trial part carefully. Some hints: -Mayella is obviously lying(when Atticus asks her whether her dad hits her). Read that part carefully. -Most of Mayella's injuries are on the right side of her face-meaning a left handed person hit her. But Tom doesn't even have a left hand...(is Mr Ewell left handed? Atticus cleverly points that out) -This all points to the obvious. Mr Ewell was the one abusing Mayella. -There are small hints(like Mayella's past; Scout's personal evaluation of Tom) Hope I helped. =) Read the book properly! And do your essay well.

Maura Maura
Well, in the book they always say, it's a sin to kill a mocking bird. Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are in many ways similar to a mockingbird. Tom Robinson was a very pleasant man. He enjoyed helping others and he never hurt anybody. A mockingbird provides sweet music and doesn't do any harm. Boo Radley was just misunderstood. He never hurt anybody either. These characters were in someways being compared to a mockingbird. Hope this helps!!!
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Latisha Latisha
Well, its called to kill a mockingbird because Atticus told them earlier in the book you must never kill a mockingbird, because it does no harm to others, just sings for the pleasure of itself and others. The mockingbird symbolizes innocence, against all the hatred and racism in the book, and how you should never prosecute something when its done nothing wrong. Not to judge a book by its cover makes sense in this novel because everyone said that Tom Robinson raped that woman, even with all evidence to the contrary, just because he was black. They were judging him by his cover. And, the freedom to choose right from wrong applies to the jury, the girl who claimed she was raped, and the people of Macomb, because they all chose to falsely accuse Tom of rape, even when they knew it wasn't true. They had the freedom to chose the right thing, but they didn't. Hoped that helped! =]
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Jessie Jessie
To Kill a Mockingbird is a narrative written by Harper Lee. By definition T.K.A.M is a mediated presentation of a causally connected series of actions involving characters in conflict. Harper Lee uses mediation to create a theme that illustrates the injustices of prejudice, intolerance, and quick judgments of others. Harper Lee choose the setting as an imaginary (Maycomb) county in Alabama during the 1930's. She set the story during this time because it was a time of social turbulence , and a time when Americans began to start thinking about more modern social issues...............(more)
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Jessie Originally Answered: Can you proof read my essay? (To Kill A Mockingbird)?
I will put slashes (/) around what is incorrect. Heroism Heroism is something not everyone has. It takes courage and self-determination. In the book /“To Kill a Mockingbird,”/ /3/ characters stand out the most with heroism. Atticus, Jem and Boo Radley are the three characters that I consider to have heroism. Atticus shows the most heroism in my opinion. He displays his heroism at the Tom Robinson court case. He knew that a black man didn’t stand a chance against an all-white jury, but Atticus still defended him. Atticus also knew that defending a black man in court could ruin his reputation, but he knew Tom did not commit the rape and he felt that it was the right thing to do. Although Atticus and Tom Robinson did not win the trial, Atticus was appreciated by Tom’s family and friends. Although Atticus was the most heroic, I believe Jem also deserves to be mentioned. Throughout the story, Jem takes care of Scout and makes sure she is safe. During the night Bob Ewell was following Jem and Scout, Jem was constantly on the lookout. When Jem heard someone running towards them, he shouted /“Rum Scout! Run! Run!”/ (pg. 261). This shows that he would put himself at risk in order for Scout to escape safely. /I believe that is arguably an act of heroism./ Last but not least, I think Boo Radley is one of the most heroic characters in the story. I say this based on what he did at the end of the novel. His heroic action occurred when Bob Ewell was coming towards Jem and Scout under the tree. Although it is not clear what happened, Scout saw Boo Radley carrying Jem (who was unconscious) back to the Finch’s residence. Despite what they said about Boo Radley throughout the story, the courage he had is very heroic. It goes to show that heroism can come in different shapes and sizes. Heroism isn’t something that is spontaneously given to people. It is something that only some people can unleash. It requires determination and /confidence;/ something that all these three show in common. 1. Punctuation goes inside the parenthesis. 2. Any number less than 100 should be written out in word form. 3. Run, not Rum. 4. I feel that you should find a different sentence here, because you sound unsure of your opinion by saying "arguably." You want to prove to your audience that he is heroic. 5. Incorrect semicolon, this should be a comma. Semicolons connect two complete sentences together. A final word: I was glad your grammatical mistakes were pretty much nonexistent I feel that you should give more details about the event that occurred with Boo Radley that may have put Boo at risk to make him seem more heroic. Overall, this is an A worthy paper in an English 2 class in high school as long as you fix the little mistakes.

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