Essay:Sayin Goodbye(urgent)?

Essay:Sayin Goodbye(urgent)? Topic: Essay:Sayin Goodbye(urgent)?
July 16, 2019 / By Tatum
Question: i am writing an essay ,"Sayin goodbye" ..but i have no idea for it ..i nid an interesting plot ... cant be about relationship sort of this stuff
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Rizpah Rizpah | 7 days ago
Yeah, you could do the old, boring "parent dying" plot, or you could come up with something bizarre and interesting that no one else would think of. I always think that in a very short story, like half a page to only a few pages long, bizarre is best. It's not like stories that short have space for character development or complex plots, so why not go bizarre? What about something like "Goodbye, my Shoe," a person's farewell to a worn-out shoe and a series of reminisces of all the things they'd been through together, or any other relatively insignificant item. Or something about a man who struggles with the loss of a bodypart, the maiming of his face, or something like that. Like a tortured life from having lost one's face. You could write one describing the family car, to be scrapped and replaced. Eg: "..the ashtrays I fiddled with as a child...", "...its squarish facade, once intensely blue and modern, and prideful to ride behind, now faded and dated. A machine shoved aside by the organic sleekness of today's forms." You could even write something of science fiction, like a planet destroyed, or abandoned. Maybe a country left but a soul left there also. Maybe a betrayal by a comrade and a revengeful killing - "Goodbye, my friend." Obviously, your story would focus on the actual goodbye and/or the short period leading up to it, or the emotions evoked after it, or its other effects, and perhaps give snippets of background maybe as memories, etc, but not provide a whole long backstory. Anyway, you may think these ideas seem stupid, but trust me, you could make an interesting story out of any of these ideas if you really thought about it.
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No, if english and social studies are your "big" ones, shouldn't they get the most attention, i.e. a paragraph each? What is your definition of big?? You can link the subjects by theme, e.g. if you can smoothly link your interest in English and Social Studies (maybe its your love of people and communication between people?), and link your interest in Art and French (e.g. they are both quite arty, romantic subjects...), then you can organise your paragraphs that way.

Misti Misti
Is this for an English class? It doesn't have to be confined to two people. For example: 1) It could also be taking the last few bites of your favorite food. 2) Talking a last walk around your local part before you're moving away. 3) Realizing a dream is out of your reach when you're taking your last breath. 4) Someone who's become attached to something since their childhood and finally decides to part with it. 5) A person that gives up something in order to progress towards a positive future. (Drugs, beer, too much of anything really.) 6) Or a tree that's being chopped away and recalling the past as it falls. 7) A person who's fallen asleep and doesn't wish to part from their beloved dream. These are just a few examples. Hope it helped.
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Lindsey Lindsey
Have you considered saying goodbye to someone close who is about to die either through an illness or a sudden accident where they have only minutes to live, could be someone you are in a car accident with? This would give you plenty of scope and emotional description. You could also turn this round to you being the one dieing and having to say goodbye to all the people you know? What and how would you say it? Depending on the level of relationship you have with the person
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Kaitlin Kaitlin
What about a young parent who is terminally ill and records either a video diary or journal to say goodbye to children and loved ones.
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Gwyn Gwyn
How about last words on headstones? Those are a form of goodbye, aren't they? Your main character could be a carver of headstones, relating some of the most touching or funniest ones he's carved in his lifetime as he lies on his deathbed, speaking to his grandchildren. You get two goodbyes in one, as it were.
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Diot Diot
Why are you saying goodbye? 1. Because you're leaving for a couple weeks 2. Because you are ending a relationship 3. Because you're dying. Just define the different ways to say goodbye....some are harder to do than others.
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