Everyone keeps telling me that an English major is a waste of time.?

Everyone keeps telling me that an English major is a waste of time.? Topic: Everyone keeps telling me that an English major is a waste of time.?
June 26, 2019 / By Tiffiny
Question: I've always thought I wanted to do something with science in college but this year I realized otherwise. Reading and writing is really my passion. I want to write or do something in publishing but 9/10 people just tell me I should start looking for a back up job... I mean, I know it's hard to become a published author or a screenwriter... but is it also hard to get a job in publishing? I don't really listen to those people because the moment I doubt myself is the moment I fail. I'm not just going to give up because it's unrealistic. -Is a major in English (creative writing) a bad or good idea? What can I do with it? -Also, people keep telling me I should just defer a year to the college I've planned on going to... because if I want to write, I don't really need to go to college. What do you think? I'm aware a don't need a major in English to write, but... I don't know. =/ I'm just sick being put down about it because it's something that finally feels right.
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Best Answers: Everyone keeps telling me that an English major is a waste of time.?

Rowena Rowena | 7 days ago
All bachelors that are not very specialized Sciences will not help you with getting your foot in the door of that major. ie: Chem Engineers can get Chem Engineering jobs out the gate of college, but Journalism or Art majors have to work extra hard to break in the field. But it is not a waste of time. For you, if you want to become an author or screenwriter, you have to work real hard at it. The B.A. you receive will be good training, but it will not be as much of a ticket as other rigorous B.S.'s Start jumping in the industry now with blogging and/or internship, and work hard. Work harder than the guy next to you and you will find success. GOOD LUCK! and may the force be with you.
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Rowena Originally Answered: Is a creative writing major a waste of time?
If you are considering that I would try to just get an English degree, or do a double major like you mentioned. If you can't, or don't want to do that you should definitely at least do a minor and take extra classes beyond the minor.

Nancy Nancy
You need a college degree no matter what. The first two years are usually general education credits, and that includes English, literature, and some science and social studies courses. Many people don't know what they want to do when they start, and that is one reason a broad range of coursework is essential. You can also write--get involved in theater, tutor for the English department after you take basic English, use your writing skills in other courses. I really encourage you to go to college with an open mind, as you will experience many new things that will affect in which direction you go. But please DO go to college. I know someone who got a degree in hospitality, worked as a flight attendant, and got her masters in screenwriting. She now does freelance work, but does still work for the airlines. It is a long haul for those types of jobs, even in publishing.
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Lorette Lorette
If you have a passion for it, then it doesn't really matter. Journalism, teaching, even law would be suitable pursuits as an English major. It IS tough and competitive, however. It is not as broad as a major such as Science or Business. However, if you cannot see yourself being a businessperson or anything related to Science, then you are much better off majoring in English if that is your true passion. My sister majored in English at UCLA, but decided to try and pursue finance because her passion to be a teacher wasn't strong enough. Things change, but just follow your heart. Best of luck!
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Katelynn Katelynn
Then don't let people get to you. Just do what you want and the hell with what everyone else thinks.
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1- No....thinking is important regardless of its subject..... only from thought comes deeds and discovery. 2- Depends on the specific intellectual.... some are wastes of time, and others will get you looking at the world differently. Just because someone is categorized as an intellectual doesn't mean they are all that smart.

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