few questions about Collegeboard Online Sat Prep?

few questions about Collegeboard Online Sat Prep? Topic: few questions about Collegeboard Online Sat Prep?
June 26, 2019 / By Zandra
Question: Didit help you with your SAT? What score did you get on your SAT after using this? In what ways did it help you in?
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Shelby Shelby | 2 days ago
I'm currently using the SAT online course and from experience, I think its great. Unlike the books, it grades your essays, has brief lessons, and gives you in depth answers for everything instead of just telling you that you got it wrong. I got a 1970 the first time, in June, and I'm taking it in about two weeks. I'm not sure how much I will improve but I do think I'll at least break 2000. It helped me because the more you over SAT material the better you'll do. And really going over what you got wrong helps you to not make the same mistake on the test. If I were you, I'd buy use of the site for 4 months ($70 cost) and see if I find it useful.
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Shelby Originally Answered: Good law school prep classes?
You want to take some classes that are heavy on reading, analysis and writing. If your school offers a legal writing class, I would suggest taking it. If your school offers advanced philosophy (especially concerning political theory), I would suggest taking it. If your school has a pre-law advisor, speak to him or her. The advisor is best suited to inform you of the appropriate courses at your particular school. Law schools want to see well rounded individuals who have remained true to their own interests. So it's good that you haven't fallen into the "pre-law" trap. I think you're on the right path. And those science courses could pay off, particularly if you want to move into some specialized legal fields.
Shelby Originally Answered: Good law school prep classes?
Most colleges require a "core" that includes classes from all major areas. The statistics and economics are very good--law schools want you to be able to reason well and also write well. Of course, the best grades in everything is the goal. For your independent project, do something that involves gathering information (such as developing a questionnaire) and developing a paper based on that and third party research. Can you take a logic course? That is the basis of much of the LSAT quantatative portion. Also, you can get a few review books and learn HOW to take the test, which is as important as the substantive information.

Paulette Paulette
I prepared by ability of reading books, like Barron's New SAT evaluate, I heard Princeton's evaluate became truly sturdy. i'm in eighth grade and that i have been given a score of 2130 on the SATs. do not undertaking, SATs are not the in trouble-free terms component that school human beings inspect. some everybody is clearly in simple terms worse at finding out. I recommend you purchase a e book and skim via it, inspect all the rules and pinpoint your problems. that ought to help. Oh, and study vocabulary flashcards. want you success!
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Mariel Mariel
I've heard bad reviews about the college online SAT prep. If you are going to prep, I recommend using either PR or Kaplan's or the bluebook for practice tests.
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Mariel Originally Answered: Do you think online school is right for me?
I think an online school.. and its wonderful.. im finishing up swiftly.. only in 10th grade and almost done with school:) Get PennFoster. The Diploma is as good in Penn Foster as in regular school. That I know.

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