For those aged 27 - 31-ish?

For those aged 27 - 31-ish? Topic: For those aged 27 - 31-ish?
June 26, 2019 / By Vina
Question: I'm helping out a friend with some research for a paper. If you are currently aged between 27 and 31 or thereabouts (and were therefore a teenager of the 1990's) - a) what music did you listen to when growing up in the 90s (when you were around 16 - 19 ideally)? b) what music do you listen to now and do you think it is similar to what you were listening to back then? Thanks! Thanks guys, keep it coming. Specific bands would be great too
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Shanelle Shanelle | 8 days ago
a) Hard rock and heavy metal, industrial, doom and death metal. Bands like: Metallica, Megadeth, Paradise lost, Stone temple pilot, Whitesnake, Guns 'n roses, Savatage, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Bush... b) Alternative, hard rock, chill out music and sometimes trance when i m partying and drunk, I don't think it's similar at all. Bands like: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mother Love bone, Linkin park, Bush, 3 doors down, Vertical horizon, Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas, Dj Tiesto, Three days Grace, Augustana, The killers, Pink floyd, gravity, Eve 6, Lenny Kravitz, ...etc
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Oonagh Oonagh
A) Late Teens - Early 20s: At first it was it was local music (mostly Pop/Rock in my native language), then in late teens, early 20s, switched almost entirely to Grunge: * Nirvana * Soundgarden * AIC * Bush * Pearl Jam And Some Metal: * Metallica * Megadeth & Later: * Deftones * Tool * System of a Down B) Now: Mostly listen to radio. The music they play is mellower indie/alternative rock. Some of the bands that they are playing these days are: * Silversun Pickups * Blonde Redheads * Great Northern * The Shins * Pinback * Manic Street Preachers * Interpol * Tegan & Sara * Radiohead I still listen to my old music sometimes, like Nirvana, Metallica etc.... Listening to Bush right now.
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Maggie Maggie
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Keshia Keshia
A. I listened to any kind of Rock I could listen too, Van Halen, Metallica Ac/Dc, and anything else you can think of. B. I still listen to everything I liked back then and theres a bit of new stuff I enjoy too but I still know my roots and I like what I always did.
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Jadyn Jadyn
I was a cross between a Goth and Indie chick, I loved all that sort of Goth music and then the indie scene hit and I just loved it. I am now more into rock/indie style of music than Goth as that can sometimes be a bit depressing.
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Emiline Emiline
I loved Pearl Jam, Nirvana ,U2 Still listening to U2, & currently loving THE KILLERS, so yes I'd say its still kind of the same. I appreciate most styles of music though-depending on my mood!
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Chryssa Chryssa
a) stone temple pilots ,Alice in chains all the 80's hair bands b) mostly classic rock IE: deep purple
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