Foreign Students Studying in Germany?

Foreign Students Studying in Germany? Topic: Foreign Students Studying in Germany?
May 24, 2019 / By Terance
Question: I'm an Egyptian engineering student, I was considering going on my studies in Germany, which universities are there available for foreigners?..and which's best ?...What do they need exactly? papers etc., and how would that cost me?...given that I'm good in Deutsch.. Thanks in Advance =) Thanks for answering, I wanted postgraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering, and I was just wondering about the chances available..and the fees per semester..
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Pierce Pierce | 5 days ago
Asalam alaikum br. Though I dont know about Germany in particular, the best General advice I would give you is narrow your choice down to a few schools, research them on the net, and then contact them directly to see about foreign student programs....may Allah(swt) make it easy for you.
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Do you want to study what interests you, or do you want to compete with your sisters? They will probably make more than you. That's a reflection of demand as well as the difficulty in their fields. Not that marketing isn't difficult, but it requires less coursework to do (I know people with an Associates' degree working in marketing), since theirs require Masters. If you're feeling overwhelmed but want to take a larger number of courses, spread it out over more terms. It takes an average of 5 years to finish an engineering undergrad - don't feel bad about it. I spent 4 years on a worthless Comm degree because I was afraid of losing my scholarship if I studied anything harder. I'm working on my graduate studies in Econ, which is mostly math, and doing well on them. Goes to show you - give yourself a chance to rise to the occasion.

Madison Madison
I am a forign student in germany from Turkey. I am studying at the Leipzig University. I guess Hamburg University, Kasel Uni. and Chemnitz Uni. which accept foreign students. But in germany there are lot of foreign students so I think they are all accept you... Ok Chemnitz and Leipzig is ok for you.. We just pay nearly 80 eur for our uni card and there was no other payment for the school. You can also buy a semesterticket in 70 eur for 6 months... And one of my friend is now studying postgraduate in leipzig. You need DAF I guess. And you can also have a German Course only -2 -eur just for copy fie.... you can find some information ... Good luck Ola
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Jehoshafat Jehoshafat
Do you think you could narrow it down a bit? There are loads of universities in Germany, many of them known for good engineering programmes (Bochum, for example). And in general, they are alll open to foreigners. In some regions, you now have to pay a fee to study, elsewhere, it's still free. Which branch of engineering are you going into? Do you want to finish your course in Germany, or do something postgrad? Let us know!
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Gearalt Gearalt
The TU Chemnitz is an excellent uni with a huge foreign student population:
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I reckon yall ain't nothin but a big liar and yall pulled all that shite out of your generously super-sized butt. You are no more a teacher than I am a brain surgeon.

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