Forgive me my brothers in Martial Arts, but I might test my mom's boyfriend in fighting?

Forgive me my brothers in Martial Arts, but I might test my mom's boyfriend in fighting? Topic: Forgive me my brothers in Martial Arts, but I might test my mom's boyfriend in fighting?
June 27, 2019 / By Anora
Question: My mom is in her 50's and so is her boyfriend. He's in his early 50's and he's had a crack addiction before knowing her. He still has the addiction, but her rule was to never bring it around the house. So when he makes his money working for a friend of the family, cleaning trash. He takes that $40, does his crack thing, then comes back around 10 PM. My mom loves arguing and stirring people up. (she's your typical drama queen) I feel that the drama may escalate and then I'll have no choice but to fight him. I've known this guy for years and I've never liked him, because I don't even get along with my own dad. Not everyone you come across is lovable, even if you've had a few good conversations over the years. He's slow.. Kind of slothful, but I sense that he has hidden anger and the strength of a bull. What would be the best method of attack? I don't mind going blow for blow, punch for punch, because that's my style. However... He might resort to the whole wrestling thing. I lack a little strength in that area, but when my madness boils within, I can handle myself in almost any situation. My style of combat with a complete stranger would be to hurl rocks and cans at them. I like keeping my distance... But it may be a little unfair and too brutal for a regular 1 on 1 fight, If I did that. So if it comes down to defending my mom, i'm not trying to hold him until the cops show up, i'm trying to lay him out and show him I mean business. What method of attack should I use against a street slick brawler that isn't a lot stronger than me. Just a little stronger. I probably have 90% combat strength and his looks about 95% (that little percentage comparison I used is an example) Thank you, my Martial Arts brothers. Josh, that's a good answer. That's the method I plan on using. I appreciate all answers. I like looking at things from every angle. Terry and Alexandria, those were the answers I was looking for. Thank you! These so-called martial artists were looking to find fault with me. They act more like bullies, than disciplined students. "I humbled myself by coming here and seeking advice." As far as my style of fighting. I've practiced kickboxing for many years. After I learned the basics - I continued training on my wavemaster freestanding punching bag, I had a taebo freestanding bag (that was in the shape of a robot with pads), and a standard punching bag. I'm 30 years old and when I was 18 - I trained for 3 months straight, before the school allowed me to spar. I had to go from white belt to yellow belt. During my first few sparring matches, I competed against brown belts. I ended up getting kicked out of the kickboxing school, because the owner said, "I was being too ruthless." Prior to him saying that - the brown belts acted like I was being too aggressive. We were fighting with full body gear (that foam stuff), so to this day I don't understand where I went wrong. I think I made the 'masters' look bad, because I had more fire in me than any of them. Spiritually speaking.. I was like a Holy Dragon, my style surpassed those peasants. Bob, i'm very impressed. You have a great way with your words and you didn't leave anything out. I appreciate the fact that you emphasized every detail. I'm going to read this in preparation of each fight I have. In honor of your masterful wisdom. Thank you teacher! "No throwing rocks or bottles you will face him david vs goliath and go after his face. punches with closed fists only. If I can impart one last vision: search up Dan Henderson vs Michael bisping KO. Practice that move (Overhand right) this will be your number one weapon + Search Dan Hardy Vs Carlos Condit KO ( Hook) this will be your counter weapon. I fear your battle will be bloody and short but I wish your victims venum and pain." Good luck Young padawan.
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Youkahainen Youkahainen | 3 days ago
My brother, I have done the great arts of boxing, muay thai, wrestling, Brazillian ju jitsu, Japanese ju jitsu & kickboxing. I have many experiences with street fighting and bar brawls. I have worked in a bar dojo honing my razor skills for the past four years. I am ready. to teach the great arts. Young padawan, Besides your mental health issues I must discern that you are not ready, The thais teach to kick banana trees, The BJJ fans teach to watch eddie bravo videos get high as giraffee pussy and to joe rogan your enemies into a crackhead control or oma plata. My kickboxing friends tell me my axe kick is sharp and precise & I wrestle until my skins red and my bones ache from being slammed. I have the knowledge to prepare you for your great assault.You need to announce your intentions. Find a suitable area before hand soft ground is preforable. I have much experience with druggies ( and most people for that instance) have about 60 seconds of rage/adrenaline and after that (if the fights not over ) they have almost nothing left. My wisdom tells me you will not be better for fact is your strength is at 90% and his is 95 + 15 -15 (on/off crack) He will over come you and will use wrestling, You will have to over come this. I might reccomend a small lighter in your hand(careful if police involved thats assault with a deadly weapon). My padawan you need to know that if you take Joshuas approach you will not win. There is no honor in a stealth kill regarding family. There are many forces at work here. Strictly fighting though you need to know that most fights become wrestling matches espically in small enclosed enviroments. my advice to you is to make your claims known and take the crackhead to the area of your choosing. next let him know the fight has now begun. These next few moments are crucial as you need to analyze his movements in as short of a time frame as possible. I had to say young padawan but you must rage like bull and drown your enemies out under your small young boy frame and forget about strength. No throwing rocks or bottles you will face him david vs goliath and go after his face. punches with closed fists only. If I can impart one last vision: search up Dan Henderson vs Michael bisping KO. Practice that move ( Overhand right) this will be your number one weapon + Search Dan Hardy Vs Carlos Condit KO ( Hook) this will be your counter weapon. I fear your battle will be bloody and short but I wish your victims venum and pain. Good luck Young padawan.
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Youkahainen Originally Answered: Would it be hard to get into martial arts or boxingat 17?
dude, you should go for it. I'm 19 and i'm bored around my house too. I just lift weights so i'm already muscular but I have this huge desire to learn how to fight. I plan on taking Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I recommend those styles. Boxing is also nice if you are into it. Just get into something cause I heard it's fun, it's a workout AND it's convenient for any situation you may find yourself in. I think it would be a little harder to start at the our ages because of flexibility (If you have low flexibility, would probably makes high kicks difficult to acheive) but you can work on that with some exercises, look towards youtube for exercises you can do to improve flexibility, Flexibility could come naturally but in most cases, if you just "sit in your house like a lazy bum" as is in his case, his flexibility will most likely be lacking which is where my advice steps in. It's better to just start working on that now so when you take the basics you already got somewhat of a headstart on your own body's limits.

Shephatiah Shephatiah
1. How many people believe that martial art systems were much simplier than they are today back in 1900, 1800's and 1700's? and why? I think they were in general less specialized, because they were actually used for defense. Because of that they needed to cover a wider variety of attacks and defenses, . With the current popularity of MMA do you feel that martial arts is losing the honor, respect, code of ethics and proper culture that made it so great? You better believe it.
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Norris Norris
Wow +90 combat strength. If you get the sword of omega it will increase another 17%, along with your agility and power potions. Bunch of wannabe's you all are. And just how many accounts are you going to created today to answer your f***'en b*** s*** question. How old are you 10? Don't think for a second you are fooling anyone creating multiple accounts to agree with your stupidity. And you are not my brother either. I'm a ****** orphan and only child. Edit:> Hay boob, Just try and undertake me as a padawaon and I'll cut your nuts off then put them in a fruit jar on my shelf with your ****. You and the rest of your bull **** accounts
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Lambert Lambert
Having taught Martial Arts for many years , It saddens me to know that there are so many like you macho men practicing our Arts for the wrong reason and do not understand the code or disciplines we all follow. So after beating up your mum's boyfriend, how many other people that you don't like, are you going to beat up? probably as one person commented, from behind his back. As for being brothers God forbid. Perhaps one day your nose will be twitched as in Karate Kid. Then you will relies how insignificant you are .
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Isaiah Isaiah
How do you figure combat strength? do you think its some kind of video game crap. where you can measure this secondly if you have to ask then you already lost. you have little understanding of strategy and finally going by your description your not a martial arts and have no fighting style. edit:> wow i think he just created a new account just now, named it bob and answered his own question. lmao btw have you and your second account there which you called bob figured out yet that a guy on crack can have a broken bone protruding through the skin and not feel it. let me know when you get enough experience to figure that out. other wise go back to your phony video game explanations of life. Edit your 30 you act like 10 yr old along with the rest of your accounts. perhaps you should have never quite school What will you do in jail when your arrested for assult, you should make a great b***** for some one
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Isaiah Originally Answered: Ways to make enough money to survive on Martial Arts?
I have been teaching traditional martial arts on my own since 1992 full time. It is very hard to make a living unless you understand the business side which includes how to market, present and hold true the integrity of your art but not "giving it away". I am fortunate enough to have a solid reputation in my area for teaching martial arts which has helped me to increase my income by adding self defense training seminars for women and children as well as getting government contracts to instruct law enforcement officers from time to time. At my dojo was also do fundraisers twice a year to help pay for equipment and insurance costs as well as raise some money for rainy day times which do happen. I also develop websites and do photography / marketing for other martial art schools all over the US which helps me offset my income but that comes second to managing and teaching at my dojo. I have one full time dojo, two part time dojo and a YMCA program running at this time with only two other black belts helping me. We cover about 45 square miles from dojo to dojo and our total student count is around 240. This also helps as we hold special seminars once a month for our student base that are serious about their training (10% of them). These students come to our main dojo to train once a month for $20 each in specialty courses such as knife tactical fighting, vital striking, street defense tactics and much more. Occasionally I bring in a special instructor and hold a seminar open to everyone that wants to come. These typically cost about $60 each person and I get 50% and the guest instructor gets 50% plus I take them out to dinner or make dinner for them. Overall these things help with making a living at teaching what I love but I also set my life in order to do so by not using credit cards, loans or living beyond my means. I spent the first ten years living in a small room in the back of my dojo until I could afford to buy a house. I could live on less than $1000 a month comfortably here in the US because I want to teach martial arts so I don't live a life of material possessions. The biggest advice I would give to you is that you set a plan down on paper. Know your goals, your demographics and plan accordingly. If the competing school in your area charges more than you then raise your rates to same as they have theirs. Regardless of style people will train where they feel the most comfortable at and if you are simply viewed as cheaper then it is possible that people will think you are not as good as the other school. My dojo is the most expensive to train at in my area because we are the only one that teaches full time but we also have credentials and qualifications that eclipse any other school in the area. It was not easy when I began but I had goals and plans and the dedication / discipline to achieve them. Good luck and remember that as an instructor you are always the student first.

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