free tuition and $1000 a month, should i go to college?

free tuition and $1000 a month, should i go to college? Topic: free tuition and $1000 a month, should i go to college?
June 18, 2019 / By Alfreda
Question: I cant decide on whether or not i should go to college i live in illinois and would like to go to WIU or SIUC or someplace like that I will get free tuition and 1000 $ a month from the illinois department of veterans affairs should i go ahead and go since i have this oppurtunity? i think the only thing holding me back is that im afraid i wont do well is college really hard? is it hard to pass the classes? and is it really stressful?
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Tylor Tylor | 6 days ago
A recession is the perfect time for college. Nothing sucks worse than trying to find a job and burning up resources, waiting for a break. I say you should seize the opportunity. How you performed in high school is how you'll perform in college, unless you make changes. The most important advise i can give you is twofold. No one will nag you to perform, you alone provide your motivation. It is also very helpful, after class, to go over what you just learned and do the homework then while it's fresh in your head. Whether a class is hard or not depends on 1. your level of involvement 2. your professor (look for professor review sites online, ask around) 3. your strengths vs the areas covered Generally the only people who drop out of college are those who were not prepared to self-motivate. If you take your goal seriously, you will surprise yourself with what you can do. I'd also suggest you go in with a goal of a career you want to pursue when you get out. If you're uninspired, look for high salary, high satisfaction, areas in your strengths, and openings where you are going to be living.
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Tylor Originally Answered: out-of-state tuition / in-state-tuition college help?
First of all, I would apply for financial aid and scholarships to see if you can afford to go to the college of your choice. As a second option, you could research community colleges located in the state in which you want to move. Though most schools have a very high out of state tuition rate, the cost is much less at some community colleges depending on the state. (ex: $5,000 in tuition/semester). Some states also offer breaks in out-of state tuition to residents of neighboring states, so you could also check that out. As a last resort, you could try registering for online classes. In most states, a student is only required to pay out-of-state tuition for one year after becoming a resident. If the out-of-state university allows it, you may be able to enroll in online classes at a local community college in Arkansas for at least a semester and then move before the semester begins.

Ridley Ridley
Hi Marie, It all boils down to what you want out of life. If you "want" a job that requires a degree then yes, you should probably go to college. If you have other ambitions (Maybe an entrepreneurial spirit), then college may not be right for you. I personally can't stand college or any schooling for that matter and think time is well spent listening to people who are in the position you want to be in. For me that was successful entrepreneurs. I dropped out of college two years ago and am making well over what I would have made as a top web designer, and working about 1/4th of what I would have been. But again, it's all about where you want to take your life. A general rule of thumb is that you should define the lifestyle you want before defining the path that you take. If you define the path you take first, it's going to define your lifestyle. If you want to be a school teacher but you also want to make $250k a year it's not going to happen. The best of luck to you! And as far as being stressful - completely depends on what you're doing and how you personally handle having to do homework. For me, it's very, very stressful as I can't stand homework.
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Merrill Merrill
I would do it in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity to get paid to go to school! It is obviously your decision though. College can be difficult, and some classes are definitely harder than others. However, most schools have tutoring available and you can join study groups with other students. As long as you're willing to make time to study and show up to class and complete all of the work -- you'll succeed. Generally, the first few semesters aren't too bad. You take a lot of the general courses during these semesters (still takes effort, but definitely doable). Good luck to you... I would take advantage of this opportunity. :)
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Jordan Jordan
Are you serious? Do you know how many people would KILL for an opportunity like this? This is something that needs to be taken advantage of, definitely. FREE tuition AND $ to help you get by every month? Sounds like a dream to me (someone who is in college, paying my own tuition, and living off student loans). College is stressful at parts, it's not really hard, and if you take classes you like, classes you actually WANT to take, then it shouldn't a problem for you to pass them. Live it up.
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Hammond Hammond
Why not? If someone else is bankrolling you, sounds like a great opportunity. If you're starting from the basics, then you'll quickly adjust to school life anyway. The difficulty of education varies among students, teachers, and the institution so it's difficult to give you an answer if it's "hard to pass classes." If you're not lazy, you have an overwhelming chance of passing courses.
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Hammond Originally Answered: Help finding grants, loans, anything to offset tuition and college costs?
move out of your folks home in with another friend ( to get another legal address independently from your folks) and apply for student loans and use the PELL grant you dont need a new computer- buy a few years old one- get it "cleaned up" and use that books- buy used ones from other students,via, congrats on furthering your education good Luck

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