Friend issues?

Friend issues? Topic: Friend issues?
June 27, 2019 / By Ashlee
Question: What should I do if I have a friend whwo I used to be best best friends with but I recently found out that she's been lying to me a lot lately and has been hanging around with a lot of other people and kinda abandond me and we used 2 b so close. (If u want to read the versionwith a lot ov details on the problem u can check my profile and look under questions where I have another question just like this only a lot longa. I just didn't hav as many answers as I would hav liked so I'm really confused. HELP PLEASE) (Another thing don't just write to me if al ur gona do is nag me bout my spellin. I'm getting A's in English so its not the problem. And its the internet not an essay, I don't hav 2 b perfect)
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Zephania Zephania | 10 days ago
well..i guess you just gotta move on..because there are better people that can be your best friend...
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Zephania Originally Answered: Help! Dog issues.?
Well obviously the owner is responsible for her dog's actions. Do you have a choice for who your roommate is? Because if there are punctures and attacks then that can be serious. You have to first talk to your roommate about it and settle there if you can. Sorry if I'm not much help because I was attacked by a dog earlier this year and I live in Canada so I'm unfamiliar with the rules in Indiana.
Zephania Originally Answered: Help! Dog issues.?
It all really depends on the lease you signed with her and what she will agree to. You could offer to buy out her lease for a few hundred bucks, see what she thinks about that. If she is on a month-to-month you can simply terminate with 30 days notice. And if the dogs are causing any property damage, document it and demand reimbursement from her. If the dogs injure your dog, take your dog to the vet and demand reimbursement for the vet bills. If the dogs attack you, demand that she reimburse you for your medical bills. Start documenting everything, and let her know this situation isn't working out. I think there are actually laws she is breaking by not keeping her animals under control so you should look into that. Apart from what i've said above, legally you may have no leg to stand on. But try to negotiate with her on the one hand, and get tough about the dogs' behavior on the other hand.

Skye Skye
Just talk to your friend and tell her how you are feeling. Talking is almost always the answer. Let her know that you feel like you two are drifting apart. She will most likely have one of two answers. 1. She will completely agree and you two will try and spend more time together. 2. She will agree and tell you that she doesn't want to be as close of friends with you and she might even say that she doesn't want to be friends at all. Number 1 is way more likely, but either way you will at least know what's going on. Start by being honest with your friend and hope she understands. Good luck!
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Orian Orian
obviously that is'nt someone you call a friend. If your going to get lied to and your friend doesnt have time for you then find a new friend. Hangout with other people and make new friends
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Orian Originally Answered: Either I've got issues or my dad has issues?
He has some issues if you tell him he is hurting you or annoying the stuff out of you and he does not stop. This sounds like a jr high student and not your father. Giving him the benefit of the doubt guys don't always show their feelings and when they do they are sometimes inappropriate and often misinterpreted. If their are no bullying or sexual overtones to his behavior then I suggest you journal your feelings for a week and then go back and read them. If there are then you need to talk to your mom and another trusted adult. Since he almost never listens that means he must listen sometimes. Start out getting help with homework and bring up the behavior that bothers you- When you grab my throat you may not think so but it really does hurt, if you want to show me you really do care about my feelings you would stop immediately when I ask you to. There is a whole section of books in the library and the bookstore on daughter father relationships ask the librarian to direct you to the section and scan the section. I would consider reviewing journal entries and put your thoughts in a handwritten letter or card. Dad I love,,,,,,, but you need to grow up some......I am not a little girl anymore When guys are good friends there is usually lots of good natured done with good not ill will pushing and shoving non-sexual or bullying or with intent to harm or hurt especially when joking around or there was when I was growing up. If he really does love you he will listen and change this behavior. He may also be trying to toughen you up some depending on his upbringing which folks usually subconsciously gravitate to doing without conscious thought action and inaction otherwise or counseling. Ask him about his childhood as this might also give you insight into your situation. Best wishes and also read about assertiveness training.

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