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Gay studies? Topic: Gay studies?
June 18, 2019 / By Ange
Question: Hey, I'm writing a paper on why gay marriage should be legal and for one of my generalizations I'm writing that being gay is not a choice. I want to use scientific studies to back up this generalization, and I was wondering if anyone had some super good sources/articles about said research? Dear Flubberty. I'm not just listening to 'biased' pro-gay articles. I know that being gay is a choice, because I in fact, am gay. It's definetely not a choice. And there HAVE been actual studies done to prove this. Did you know that the inner-ears of lesbians are very similar to that of a male? Or that the third interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus in a homosexual male is developed just like a woman's? Meaning that there is a direct correlation between homosexuality and brain wiring.
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Wilf Wilf | 7 days ago
I think the jury's still out. Most gay/lesbian people know from experience that it is not a choice. The choice is about whether you live a happy, fulfilled loving life or a closeted, self-hating celibacy. Check out previous questions about nature vs,. nurture, gay gene theory, are you born gay etc etc, for anecdotal evidence, some links to scientific sources and a lot of homophobia by religious nuts and trolls. Good Luck.
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1a: people wanted to have representative government 1b: to make the mother country rich with raw materials 1c: many people wanted religious freedom from persecution 2: umm well i guess people were really happy to have a say in their government! Ex: virginia house of burgesses, mayflower compact. not sure if u need examples, but here they are just in case!
Wilf Originally Answered: Social Studies HELP!?
1. B Well, I can help you with one... economically, America [or the 13 colonies as it should be called] had a lot of rich, open land [in the southern area] for growing tobacco, corn, wheat and other food staples. In the entire colonies area, [particularly the north] many native American tribes such as the Cherokee, Iroquois, etc. were open to trading with many settlers from Europe [guns for furs, pots and pans for feathers, axes for beads and decorations...] 2. I believe the Representative government grew and developed because when the sugar act, stamp act, and townshend act, were passed so king George could pay for the cost of the french and Indian war, the Patriots started a fierce argument claiming, there was "taxation without representation" meaning these taxes were placed without asking them and just saying, ah well they won't mind, just tax them. Nowadays, votes are placed on which tax will be placed and where the money for the tax goes. In the 1700's the taxes were thrown at the colonists and they were forced to pay them. This is where "Representative government" comes in. Protesting the "taxation without representation", the patriots began [grew] into there own government and it evolved [developed] after independence was declared and presidents, governors, mayors, and so on were elected for the colonies [and eventually states and a country, America] please note: the awnser on representative government [above] is not a for sure thing, but I am fairly positive about it. I will send any thing else I have if I find it. ;] -Ethan [p.s. I'm in 5th grade!]

Schuyler Schuyler
Indiana University does now not present a category exceptionally referred to as "Gay Studies" despite the fact that the division of Gender Studies presents a quantity of guides with equivalent names (see hyperlink). I uncover it unexpected that such an opinion might study at IU, in which human sexuality (adding homosexuality) has been studied due to the fact that Kinsey used to be a professor there. If the professor is being quoted accurately, her reasoning is misguided. It would possibly rely on what is supposed through "alternative." Ideally, people have alternative concerning sexual conduct; they will decide upon gay conduct, heterosexual conduct, or abstinence. When that alternative is taken away (rape, molestation, and so on.), society considers that a crime. Whether sexual orientation is a alternative is an extra subject. As a professor, she must be competent to again up something she teaches with sound proof from peer-reviewed journals. She must even be conscious of the proof that helps opposite perspectives. Students must be finding out to examine the proof and make a decision which stories had been implemented good, and that have been biased. Also, through pointing out that homosexuality have to be a alternative considering the fact that there is not any "homosexual" gene, she is showing a loss of expertise of genetics and progress. If anyone engages in no heterosexual conduct, then homosexuality has acted as a genetic deadly (no offspring), which complicates genetic evaluation. (Now with the likelihood of in vitro fertilization and surrogate moms, the hindrance turns into extra problematic but.) Also, there may be the likelihood of publicity to biochemical affects in utero or for the period of youth. Just considering the fact that whatever isn't genetic, it does now not imply that this can be a alternative. Your buddy might speak about the problem with the professor privately, or take the problem to a division head or dean.
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Neal Neal
i agree people are born gay. it a study that says men and women dont receive total female or male characteristics, so they really cant help who there attracted to. we talked about this in anatomy class. men can be born with more estrogen than others, which could make them femanine. and visa vers for women.
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Forensic Science is a Graduate School program. Some things to know Forensic scientists locate, examine and prepare traces of physical evidence for use in criminal and civil legal cases. They use all forms of analysis to secure evidence, drawing on the principles of biology, chemistry, analytical science and maths. So consider majoring in these subjects. Also on the Department of Labor website they show this information: Many employers prefer applicants who have at least 2 years of specialized training or an associate’s degree. Projected job growth varies among occupational specialties; for example, forensic science technicians will grow much faster than average, while chemical technicians will grow more slowly than average. Job opportunities are expected to be best for graduates of applied science technology programs. This is definetely a growing field, as there are many cases that have not been solved and not enough qualified technicians to do the work. But don't expect that you will go right to the field first. Most FS have to spend many years in the lab before they get to the field. Good luck with your decision.

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