give me an essay with the topic "science contributing/helping to stop pollution"?

give me an essay with the topic "science contributing/helping to stop pollution"? Topic: give me an essay with the topic "science contributing/helping to stop pollution"?
June 26, 2019 / By Silver
Question: please provide more than one sources and their web-links also.the more earlier you provide the details the more its better as it is needed urgently......
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Best Answers: give me an essay with the topic "science contributing/helping to stop pollution"?

Phillipa Phillipa | 8 days ago
Look up the man who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. He's a German professor, developed surface chemistry techniques that helped to figure out how to preserve the ozone layer. As for providing sources, shouldn't you be doing that since it is your paper. Thats the whole point of research. Asking for suggestions on topics is one thing, but asking people to do your research for you?
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Phillipa Originally Answered: Would contributing to Articles in Wikipedia be considered open source?
Sort of. The "source" in "open source" refers to "source code". When you write a program in a compiled computer language like C, you write code in a relatively readable way and then have a program compile it into a format that's faster for the computer to run but that can't be easily read by a human. Thus, if you want to know about how the program works or to modify it for your own uses, you want to see the source code that the compiled code was made from. People started advocating open-source software because it gave people more freedom about how the code could be used. This is separate, however, from the freedoms and limitations of intellectual property law. Therefore, I can own copyright on my code, and sue anyone who distributes versions of my code without my permission, while simultaneously letting them read the source code. To allow anyone to also modify and redistribute my code, I have to either abandon the copyright to the public domain, or use a "free" license (that's both "free as in beer" [gratis] and "free as in speech" [libre]) that lets anyone use it, modify it, and redistribute it as they want (usually with a few conditions). For this reason, "open-source" itself doesn't mean much nowadays, and the recommended vocabulary would probably be "FOSS", or Free and Open-Source Software. Wikipedia isn't software, so "open-source" is meaningless unless you're using it in a very general and somewhat incorrect sense. However, Wikipedia, which uses the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (and for some things, also the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3), is using the sort of free licenses that let people do the "Free" part of FOSS, so there's certainly a similarity. Helping Wikipedia (such as by editing) is certainly a way of volunteering. It should probably be noted that Wikipedia is, from a technical point of view, run using FOSS software, including the "stack" all the way from the operating system (Linux), webserver (Apache), database (MySQL), code platform (PHP), through the wiki engine itself (MediaWiki, which was started to power Wikipedia). You can contribute to the MediaWiki development process if you're familiar with PHP, and that assistance *would* be open source volunteering. :)

Mary Mary
If we "give you" this, we are helping you cheat! Fortunately, I'm beginning to see more and more of a trend up here to get away from enabling cheaters! Kudos to all those who did NOT provide this essay for you and SHAME, SHAME on the one who did! If you need this so urgently, my ANSWER to your question (which, btw, was not even a question -- a question mark does NOT a question make!) is get to work!
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Lakisha Lakisha
Try the topic of soy beans and their many uses, one being an alternative energy source to oil which emits carbons into the air.
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Jennica Jennica
oh my gosh! I remember being in school trying to get answers from everyone! thats so funny. Look up a chemistry professor/someone who knows about chemistry and read about how they think polution can be prevented. Then you'll have your resources as well. it's gotta be easy if even I can think of that.
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Fiona Fiona
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Cyrilla Cyrilla
Um NO one is going to give you their essay and your teacher will know that you cheated. Do your own homework!!
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