Going to High School- Is it normal to feel like this? HELP!?

Going to High School- Is it normal to feel like this? HELP!? Topic: Going to High School- Is it normal to feel like this? HELP!?
June 26, 2019 / By Tamsen
Question: I'll be going to High School very soon. I'm a straight Honors and High Honors student but it was never like this. When I got to eighth grade, which is the grade I'm in now, I changed my mind about worrying to have too many friends. My "best friends" spread crap about me all over 8th grade, and now some of the friends I used to have don't even look at me; I have a small group of friends that I hang out with though. As for guys, in my eighth grade year I became/am a fully academic person- so not going out to parties anymore, the movies, and the mall lowered my confidence with guys. I also used to be around boys all the time, so now that I'm not, whenever I'm around a guy I just don't care anymore. Friends: Going into High School.. I'm scared. I'm only 5'0 & there are plenty of people who will be much taller than me. For friends, it stinks because I don't have a best friend anymore. (I used to have those 2 I talked about.) I have, however, a best friend but she lives really far away because I moved in the beginning of 6th grade. In High School I really want to meet a best friend. And by best friend I mean one best friend. I'm just scared that everyone who will be coming in will already have a best friend from elementary school, or even middle school. Guys: Yup, I pretty much gave up on guys. No one really reaches my standards which I know might sound stupid. I have barely ever come across a guy who is intelligent, trustworthy, outgoing but calm, brave, and good looking. Yes, I've encountered good looking boys- but they don't have the brains.. which is more than important to me. Also- I have never met/gone out with a boy who has made me feel 100% like me. I don't feel the urge to hug him first, talk to him about what I love to do, or sports- blah blah, and so on. I'm very interested in technology and engineering and I plan on becoming a computer technologist in a huge business. I also love music, and helping others. I will be joining in student council, volleyball, and chorus class. Not to mention I will soon be joining a group who goes around our town collecting trash to help our environment. QUESTIONS: 1. Is it possible to have a relationship where nothing is awkward? And how does that work? 2. I feel like I'm the only one who has these interests. Anyone find them interesting, or have it in common with me? 3. I refuse to date an upperclassmen because I fear that they will pressure me into sex and things of that. I definitely don't want to go down that path. When/if you see upperclassmen with freshman girls what do you think? 4. Do you think I will like high school? 5. Can I actually make one best friend & she's my best friend too? Like we're both each others best friends, she doesn't already have one? If that makes sense.. Also.. I am a girly-girl.. I just love computers and any other sort of technology. :) Thank you! All answers are very much appreciated.
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Richarda Richarda | 5 days ago
If the guys around you just don't seem like your type right now, I can totally understand. Give them a few years, because they might not be worth your time right now and most just need to grow up a bit first. Only a few will get there before college life, actually -- kinda hard to grow up all that much when your mommy is still around feeding you, making sure you get to school okay, etc. You might have a chance with the nerdy guys if you think you could be into that type at all. They're sometimes just freaked out if a girl talks to them -- pressuring you into anything you don't want to do may be less of a problem there -- and don't always know what to talk about other than computers and technology. ;) Focus on the other stuff and don't let people make you feel weird about not being romantically attached. Lots of people do just fine without dating at all in high school. . . I and most of my group of friends did, and we still had a lot of good times. I'm still good friends with a few of them 10+ years later, even though we went to different colleges and live in different states now. All relationships are going to be awkward at times, particularly at first. That goes for both the love sort and the friends sort. The people you should be spending your time with will laugh *with* you after the awkward moment. What's there to be scared about when going into high school? You seem like you know what you want and have things together. Be confident yet approachable, and I'm sure you'll find a good friend or two if you act like someone you'd want to be friends with. Don't let people talk you into giving up the technology, math, and science even if you're a girly-girl. Those guys are going to need someone to help them with their homework in college. ;)
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Richarda Originally Answered: a normal high school vs. online high school?
There are no honors courses on online high schools unless you pay a high tuition. I would just stick with regular high school because I heard from one of my friends, who is getting home schooled, that it really sucks and she misses seeing everyone.

Milly Milly
I know how you feel, I'm going to be a sophomore next year and I HATE my school.I hate most of the people there, people in high school will fight over popularity so watch out for that.Guy are mostly all immature, and some either use a girl some are really nice and very well mannered. 1. I have no idea, I've never been in a relationship. 2.I'm interested in singing, fashion design, interior design, and architecture. 3.Not all guys would do that, if you show them from the start that you are not naive and immature and do anything to be popular they might actually treat you with respect. When I see an upperclassmen with a freshman or younger I think he's a pedophile :) 4.Probably not on beginning, it's really hard to get adopted to new surroundings.At least it was and still is for me /: 5. I have some friends at my school that I trust, so I believe you will find a best friend in high schooll.
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Lilianne Lilianne
Hey girl I feel your pain I had to move this year to a totally new state and I'm a Senior in High School. 1. It isn't possible to have a relationship that is awkward because it will just be that way at some points of the relationship. That doesn't mean that it is awkward all the time though. 2. Girl I play volleyball and you'll be able to find really good friends on the court because you are going to be with them a lot through training, drills, and games. if you like computers than take a computer class that they might offer. It is a chance to relax for the crazy high school life 3. For dating i feel that you should date who ever you want because age really doesn't matter *(unless they are 10 years or older(at this age thats gross))* but about the sex thing, right when y'all start dating for need to tell him about what is and isn't going to happen that way if they decide to leave than you know they just want sex from you. 4. You'll Love High School if you make the best of it. You can't just be the one that sits home watching TV on a Saturday night when their might be a school football game! 5. In high school you can't really have only one best friend and your her only best friend, sorry hun but that really doesn't happen. y'all can be each others best friend and have other best friends because thats the way it usually works out.
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Justy Justy
Hi sweetie! I'm a mom but really wanted to answer your questions! :=) 1. Yes you will have a relationship that will not be awkward and the way it works is....you just never know. Relationships take time; you have to meet someone and get to know them, let them get to know you. Just be patient and it will happen. 2. There are other girls that are in to computers too! My daughter is one of them. lol She's actually going to major in Digital Forensics. I'm so glad to hear your focused on your grades. What a refreshing thing to hear! 3. When my daughter started high school she was all about meeting and making friends. Then the inevitable happened....she met the "wrong" guy and now she's pregnant. I was so angry and hurt! This is NOT how she was raised nor the values that I instilled in her. He was a senior and she is a junior and I just felt like he was wrong for her. Now she has a baby coming and he gives her no money to buy anything. I have bought everything and he nor his family has spoken to me since last September. Even though he was only a year ahead of my daughter I still wanted her to be with someone in her own class. He ended up dropping out of high school and last I heard he was working for a plant nursery. Please don't let anyone pressure you into doing anything your not ready for. It can be life altering and then your labeled by your peers which brings on a new set of problems during high school. My daughter lost friends that she thought were friends and things are so different now. She was an athlete, won't go to her jr. prom now; all the fun she was supposed to have and now she has to focus on trying to get through high school and take college in order to raise and support her daughter. There's no time for fun anymore. 4. High school is what you make of it. Don't let your size hinder you. My daughter is 4'11 and 102lbs (pre pregnancy!) and had the biggest mouth! lol She stood up for herself and let others know that they couldn't walk all over her. Mind you this was before she met that boy! Join clubs that interest you and you will find friends who have the same values and standards as you. You just have to go through some bad apples sometimes but don't give up. Enjoy the 4 years and stay true to yourself!!!!! 5. As for the best friend....she's out there and you will meet. :=) I met one of my best friends my freshman year. She was new to our school and sitting alone on a bench. I went over and introduced myself and we were friends from that day on for years. I lost touch with her about 15 yrs ago though. My other best friend I met my senior year....I had just moved to that town (military family) and didn't really know anybody. Well, we have been friends for 25yrs and still keep in touch. She lives in AZ and I live in TX but we still talk and "text". lol Hopefully I answered your questions well enough for you! I tried my best....:=)
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Justy Originally Answered: Is it normal to feel this way about college?
It is normal to have anxiety about approaching something you have always wanted. Some people have such extreme anxiety, they subconsciously sabotage their plans. I have found the anxiety I feel is far worse than the actual event itself. Try to remind yourself this is what you have been planning for. You will have so much more fun in college. I really began enjoying learning once I started. The instructors and professors don't treat you like high school teachers do. Advice for college: take notes; record the class and listen to it in your car while you drive; rewrite your notes every day and incorporate notes from your book; study your notes every day; go to class every day (you can't afford not to); ask questions; don't wait until the week before the paper is due to begin research or the day before the test to study; talk to other students that had the instructor to find out what he/she expects; go to study sessions; do anything for extra credit. If you can find a copy of "Where There's a Will, There's an A" watch it. There is so much valuable info on that tape, you cannot afford NOT to buy it. GL!

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